Video Review: Erykah Badu "On & On"

In a backyard, two women walk on the lawn. Erykah Badu wrings out a shirt and hangs it on a clothesline. A neighbor says hello to her. A couple walks out of the home. Cotton flies from the trees. The chickens cluck, stretching their necks as they look for food. A young woman sticks her tongue out at her. The wife tells her not to mess around while she’s gone as she walks up to the porch.

She opens her eyes and blinks out of surprise. The kids are playing on the table. Chairs are strewn and a chicken leaps from a table. Hand her hips, she closes her eyes and sighs. She slams the door.

The dog jumps on the clothesline, putting its paws on a blue towel.

She puts on her apron and then smells a daisy from the garden. She throws back on the table and opens the door wide, stretching out her arms. It’s a beautiful day outside. She’s grateful to be alive. She feeds the chickens. The dog pulls the towel off the clothesline. She pulls the cow and ties him to the house. A little boy comes boy to feed the cow and she puts a hat on his head.

Back inside, she cleans the table off some jars and then ties the little girl’s hair into a ponytail. It’s been several weeks since the girl’s last haircut. She puts the cape around the girl.

As she hangs the curtain on the clothesline, she hears the pitter patter of paws. She chases the dog through the house. He runs into the backyard and she trips on some hay. She lands in a pile of mud.

She sits in front of a mirror with a bowl. She puts a rag in it and begins to clean her face. She sees the tablecloth and gets an idea.

She turns the tablecloth into a wrap dress with matching head wrap as she performs at the local club. She sips a glass of tea. A man accompanies her on a piano. Her employers and server are shocked to see her on stage. The wife notices it’s her tablecloth. The husband puts his hand over his head, wishing his wife would stop complaining. Two women hear her singing and rush to the window to peek inside. She falls onto a chair, laughing. The crowd claps for her.

Rating: 5/5

Erykah Badu can handle her housekeeping job. It pays the bills and with the amount of work, her day goes by fast. She returns home exhausted, moving only to fix to dinner for herself and then to bed.

But some days are more trying than others. The woman she works for can be demanding, believing she goofs off when she’s not there. She really loves the children, though. They like to make a lot the mess and giggle when they see her reaction. However, they do help her out. Then, she lands in mud. It’s seems as though the day can’t end soon enough.

After cleaning herself up, she decides to perform at the club once she’s done. She creates a dress out of the tablecloth. At the club, she’ well-received. The wife doesn’t seem like it, though. She spits out a catty comment. Badu was the help, incapable of only taking care of hte home and kids. Her husband realizes it was a job for Badu and thought she wouldn’t stay forever. For Badu, the trying day led to a new venture.

Director: Paul Hunter Year: 1997

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