Video Review: Tinie Tempah & Tinashe "Text From Your Ex"

With the screen tilted to the left, Tinie Tempah stands in a box, lit crimson red.

A young woman walks down a hallway and then stands in a family room, lit crimson red. Tempah stands by a window, lit in electric blue. Tinashe, draped in a fur, sits by the same window, her legs crossed.

The young woman puts her arm on Tempah’s shoulder and circles him. Tinashe opens her jacket in front of wall mirror, which duplicates her image several times. Tempah leans against the mirror. The young woman touches her stomach and her neck.

The family room is empty. The television is still on, though, set to a show featuring a woman in aqua blue lit woods. Then, he lies back on the chair with Tinashe sitting on the television.

Tinashe’s eyes and lips are seen. He jogs in front of the mirror and then stands against it again.

The young woman touches his neck and cheek. She pushes him against the wall. Tinashe chews on a cracker and sitting underneath antlers.

Tinashe is on the television as the lines form on its screen. He kneels down by the television. Tinashe cuddles by him, smiling.

The television set fuzzes as airplanes fly by.

Tempah sits in his bedroom, televisions lined above the head set. In the hallway, the young woman puts both hands on his shoulders. Tinashe puts her hand on the mirror. Then, she spins in the chair.

Two women sit next to him on his bed, touching him. They lie down on the bed together.

The young woman holds a wine bottle with a phone burning on top of it and then walks to the wall.

A bug lands on Tinashe’s lip. Tinashe kisses Tempah.

A group of woman, spurned by him, watch as someone holds two sparklers in their arms.

He puts his head down as he sits on his bed.

Rating: 1/5

The lighting, which sticks to the standard red and blue, fails to be provocative. The seedy tint emphasizes the worst characteristics in the three characters. Tinie Tempah is the non-committal man who believes he’s entitled to sleep with anyone he chooses. His ex-girlfriend, domineering and self-involved, only cares about what she wants. Tinashe, though, dresses in as little as possible out of desperation to keep her boyfriend.

It’s Tinashe who carves out a new persona for herself and transforms into a grown woman. She is able to turn a objectifying situation into something rewarding for herself. Some of her shots focus on her face, which ranges from contemplative when he touches the mirror and quizzical as she takes off her jacket in front of it. She seems to be weighing Tempah’s low opinion of her while she examines her body. Nonetheless, she decides to take pride in her body.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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