Video Review: Keith Urban "Wasted Time"

At home, Keith Urban plays his guitar and jots down lyrics. The television set plays a movie about young people enjoying their summer.

A young woman seating in the passenger seat shouts. A group of friends run in a field.

He looks over photographs, grinning. The screen splits into three, with a young woman in the center and Urban on the right and left.

At night, he performs at a bonfire for a group of young people, dancing and chatting with one another.

A young women hugs her best girl friend while a young woman stretches his arms out, his eyes closed, the breeze gracing his face.

In black-and-white, the memories flash by of them hanging out together by the lake and driving through town.

The screen splits into two as a young woman dances in her sun dress and Urban performing at the bonfire.

The group of friends run down the street.

At the bonfire, several people sit on the grill, singing along with Urban. Then, they help push a friend’s car that stalled. A brunette haired woman stands on rock, dancing. Then, a young man jumps over a blonde-haired woman friend and tumbles onto the ground.

In ice blue light, a young woman blows the petals off a dandelion. Three friends fall together. A young man stares into the camera, a crumbling apartment building shown next to him. It fades into a young woman, wearing overalls.

A car drives on the bridge, overlooking the city.

The memories replay in black-and-white again.

A young woman with coffee brown hair rests her arm on the seat of the car, smiling. Two friends carry a cooler as they hike out to the campsite. A couple cuddles together on the rock. A young woman throws a frisbee. A blonde-haired woman in a white bikini jumps into the lake. They spend an afternoon, tubing and splashing one another.  Three best girl friends hug, holding the towel close to their chilly bodies.

A young blonde woman in a red sun dress stomps the ground and touches her hair as she dances at the bonfire. She twirls, shaking the ends of her dress at Urban. A couple kisses.

The friends run together down the road.

Rating: 3/5

The blonde-haired woman in the red dress, dancing around by the bonfire, is likely the one tagged in Facebook memes, stating “when your friend is extra af” with Ursula from the Little Mermaid fainting.

Most of the group have known each other since junior high. Some were in Girl Scouts while the guys played sports in community leagues. They are considered family among each other. They’ve attended weddings for cousins and invited each other over for dinner when someone wasn’t getting along with their parents.

But the group of friends have their share of the girls competing with one another and showing off. The guys mostly stay in the background, staying out of the drama.

Keith Urban remembers being carefree and thinking time couldn’t separate them. Now, he likes a comment on Facebook and it’s the most communication he gets. He still gets out the photographs every once in a while and draws from it when he writes.

Director: John Urbano Year: 2016

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