Video Review: Wilson Phillips "Hold On"

The camera pans over the sun lit sienna coated mountains and the bountiful forest. Chynna tilts her hands as she stands near an ivory mountain. Chynna, Wendy and Carnie sit on a rock by the ocean. Chynna closes her eyes as she sings. Wendy watches her while Carnie takes in the view.

Chynna, Wendy and Carnie sit barefoot on the beach. Chynna runs her hand over the sand. The waves crash to the shore. Further away on the beach, a man plays a wooden xylophone while a woman shields her ears from the sun.

Chynna is on a mountain, standing by a tree. Wendy sits by a rock and Carnie is somewhere on the beach.

They speed walk on the boardwalk. Behind them, people sit at the tables, eating their ice cream. A few people bike on the trail.

Chynna jerks on the rock while Wendy and Carnie sit.

The sun sets over the mountains.

Rating: 1/5

Chynna, Carnie and Wendy spend a day on the beach. They sit on the rocks and sand together. At some point, they separate and give themselves some space. They finish their day by walking on the boardwalk.

With limited action, personalities come to the forefront immediately. Chynna wants to be a legend. She emphasizes every note with an exaggerated gesture (putting her arms to her chest and raising them). Ever since she was little, she was told she was a phenomenal singer. It was then she decided she didn’t want to be a pop star but someone really famous, known for their fashion as well as their songs.

Wendy is the follower, looking for Chynna’s approval. If Chynna doesn’t like her outfit, she donates it to the Goodwill. People talk to her more than Chynna. But after some time, she notices they give her awkward glance as they pass her by or stop talking to her altogether. She wonders what she did wrong.

Unfortunately, Carnie is invisible. Due to her size, she’s hidden from view and wears bulky outfits while her friends have on cute dresses with spaghetti straps. She’s closest to Wendy, though. They share inside jokes between themselves and hang out together, without Chynna.

Director: Julien Temple Year: 1990


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6 thoughts on “Video Review: Wilson Phillips "Hold On"

  1. Hate how she’s hidden from view and forced to wear bulk garments. Fashion should be for everyone and the media should promote all sizes!

  2. Ugh. Agreed. Videos like this don’t help women at all. She shouldn’t be hidden from view nor should be the only one not in something cute.

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