Video Review: Frenship "1000 Nights"

At Diablo Lake, located in Washington, Brett and James, with their hands inside their jackets stand in a forest. Moss covers some of the limbs. A couple of trees have fallen. Sea green pine tree branches are scattered on the ground. Behind them, a young man in a red hoodie walks through forest and into the snow. He stares at the branches, the leaves frozen in ice.

He walks on the path of rocks along the teal river, heading for the rouge splashed ground. Brett and James follow him. He stops to look at a photo of his ex-girlfriend, knowing he made a mistake. He continues his journey.

Snowflakes begin to fall. He gathers firewood and builds a fire. He pokes it with a stick and then puts his hands near it, warming them. He stays up all night, looking into the black forest while his fire burns.

His ex-girlfriend sits by the fire and looks into the locket, with the picture of the young man still in it. She sits at the dinner table, the weight of the loneliness setting in.

He trudges the snow and pauses in to take in the view of the mountains. Brett and James stand on the mountain. He puts his hood over his head as he walks between the trees. He steps into the chilly river and then swims.

His ex-girlfriend sits at her study, writing. He steps out of the river, drenched and steps into the snow, the ground crunching beneath his him as he walks. At home, she stirs her tea and sips it. He walks into her backyard. She turns to face the window, her cup to the lips. She spots her ex-boyfriend and sets the cup down.

Rating: 4/5

The young man treks a hundred miles into the forest and through the mountains, repenting for his mistake and hoping to get back together with his girlfriend.

His journey, as reflected by nature, begins with naive thoughts and unrealistic expectations, as evidenced by the pastel painted river and candy coated trees. Then, he thinks she may turn him away and discover she has found someone else, which clouds his mind during a snowfall.

However, he overcomes the nagging fears of rejection while he swims in the river. Little does he know, she has been waiting for him.

The surreal beauty of Diablo Lake, with its shimmery pastel river, has a celestial glow. Its natural colors seemed to be blessed, guided by an invisible artist’s hands, dabbing the trees with snow.

Director: Matt Kleiner Year: 2017

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