Video Review: Big Sean "Moves"

Against a white background, Big Sean dances. A cobalt blue shimmers on the bottom of the screen and colors the entire background. As he dances, a mustard yellow shadow follows him. The screen flips through as he continues to dance.

Women in sports bras and shorts stand as he passes through against the white background. It then flips to about five women standing together, with the cobalt blue shading the bottom of the screen. It flips to one woman standing by herself  and then to an aerial shot of him rapping in the center of the group of women.

A woman pulls a cord and the screen goes black.  In the dark, his chains glitter. His eyes and teeth are a menacing white. Still against a black background, his image returns to normal while he raps in a lavender jacket and red hoodie on top of a woman’s body, which has been enlarged to fill the screen.

Against the black background, a young woman, lit in indigo dances on an enlarged woman’s shoulder. The enlarged women turns her head to watch him dance on her right shoulder.

He returns to the white background with shimmery cobalt blue on the bottom of the screen and dances. The cobalt blue fades out and he is swiped off the screen.

Rating: 1/5

In an Odor-Eaters commercial, a man takes off his shoe and a gooey pea green cloud appears over his foot. The dog tilts his head, sniffs the man’s foot and rolls over on the rug from the smell. For Big Sean, it’s the mustard yellow shadow. The dark shade and ill-chosen color indicate some sort of pungent stench.

A line of women, dressed the same outfit, merely stand. At least two of them are ticked off, one of whom folds her arms across her chest, and glares at Big Sean, as though he had said something offensive before filming. The other women stare off into the distance.

The animated section is the only scene which makes some impact. Big Sean, with his eyes and teeth illuminated a shiny white, is monstrous in nature. His stature imposing and fabled, seems to be a murky shot taken of an unknown creature.

Director: Mike Carson Year: 2017

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