Video Review: Mötley Crüe "Kickstart My Heart"

Outside the Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles, fans scream, waving the sign of the horns. Mötley Crüe pulls in their car. Tommy shouts “yeah” as the police sirens blare. He comments that Los Angeles is home. Vince says “it’s where it all began.” The driver (Sam Kinison) pulls his glasses down to his nose. The band gets out of the car and waves to their fans.

In black-and-white, the screen flashes as the band performs on stage. Tommy spins the drum sticks in his hands. In color, a race car drives on a track. Two men skydive out of a plane, floating in the air. A car flips over several times, skidding backwards on the track. Another car rolls over by the wall as Vince sings into the microphone in black-and-white. A boat flips over the ocean, nearly colliding with two others. A second boat speeds in the ocean, gliding over the ocean. On the track, a car flips over, pieces of it flying until it begins smoking.

An airplane whizzes by and two men jump out, opening their parachutes. In black-and-white, Vince puts his fingers over his eyes. Tommy sticks out his tongue. A skydiver turns several times while in air.

Continuing in color, the band rides their motorcycles at night through downtown Los Angeles. On stage, Mick and Nikki sing into the microphone with Vince. Fire emits from Mick’s leather pants. The band walks down the hallway of the venue. Fires burn on various parts of the stage.

In black-and-white, fans grab for Vince as he approaches the end of the stage. He points towards the audience and raises his arm in the air. He grins to himself and then shakes the microphone. Tommy bangs on his drums. He turns towards the band, exhaling.

Rating: 5/5

The heart stopping speed has a belief of invincibility throughout the video. There is no such thing as too fast, even if danger is imminent. Race cars break apart on the track, smoking after overshooting a turn during a lap. Men sky dive out of a plane, calm and performing gymnastics in mid-air.

Hard living and reckless, Mötley Crüe perform with the same abandon on stage. Tommy thrashes his drums. Vince shouts with a leathery gaze. Nikki, his long hair in his face, whips his head back and forth from the microphone to the guitar as he provides the backup vocals. Mick jumps up and down. No one stops for even a second. After finishing the song, Vince exhales, finally taking a breath. It’s likely seems to be the only break he will give himself for the night. Off stage, there’s liquor to drink, drugs to take and groupies waiting to indulge with them.

Director: N/A Year: 1989


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  1. A classic! Thanks for sharing our review. Crazy that most kids today don’t even know who Motley Crue is!

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