Video Review: Florida Georgia Line & Tim McGraw "May We All"

At the garage, the Brian asks the owner of the cars for a “50-50 split.” The owner (Tim McGraw) chuckles to himself and counteroffers 70-30. He states that Brian will only get the 30 if he wins. Brian responds with “if?” and explains that he’s the best driver. The owner says he’s lucky that he’s getting anywhere near his cars and says he takes too many risks on the road. Tyler eats a chip and comments that Brian doesn’t have a broken arm, like the owner. The owner says he’s looking forward to his 70 percent or spend the weekend talking with one of their co-workers about high school football. In unison, they accept the offer.

That weekend, a crowd gathers around the racetrack. Families prepare picnics and eat on the tables on the grounds. Brian and Tyler trash talk each other before the race. Tyler’s little girl plays with a straw before watching her Daddy race. They take off on the gravel road, dirt flying. Brian stays in the lead and maintains it, leading to a win. Brian mentions the new track record he made today. The owner puts his head down and says he’ll see them next weekend.  Brian says “how about I sign that cast?” The owner raises his arm, giving him the finger.

At the picnic table, Tyler’s little girl plays with two race cars. Before his race, she and her dad share their secret handshake. He gives her a kiss.

During the second race, the owner tells Tyler not to turn. Tyler does so anyway and Brian lands in the mud. Brian gets out of his car and asks him why he made the turn.

At the next race, Tyler spins, rolling over. His daughter acts it out on the table. Tyler yells he’s stuck. Brian rushes out of his car and tries to get him out. Gas drips from the car and the firefighter says “it’s going to blow!” Tyler’s daughter runs to the fence, tears in her eyes. The firefighters drag Brian away. They hold him back as the car starts on fire. She calls out “Dad!” He breaks from their grasp and pulls Tyler out.

Sitting against the wall, Tyler holds an oxygen mask to his face. He asks Brian if he they won. He responds “we all did.”

Rating: 5/5

Tyler and Brian have been friends for a long time. At first they were competitive with another. However, with the owner’s help, they soon realized they were on the same team. For the most part, Tyler and Brian look out for one another on the track. They know the stakes.

However, Tyler kept going and disregarded the owner. It landed Brian in the mud, unable to help the team. Tyler, Brian thought, was playing for himself and screwing him over in the process. The next few weeks at work, Brian didn’t say a word to Tyler. Tyler tried to talk but he avoided him.

The next race, though, Tyler skidded and flipped over. Brian’s heart went into his chest. He didn’t care about two weeks ago anymore. He wanted his friend to be okay and live through the crash. He knows if he had stayed with the firefighters, Tyler would be dead. What would he say to Tyler’s little girl? She needs her daddy.

Director: TK McKamy Year: 2016

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