Video Review: A Great Big World "Oasis"

Droplets of water circle the planet. Chad stands in shadow, raising his arm while on the edge of the earth. A ring forms in someone’s eye and with a blink, a fossilized bug emerges from deep within the ground.

Ian taps his knee as he sits on the moon. The piano plays by itself. A woman is guided in a cobalt blue bubble. Chad steps on the aqua blue ridges of the earth. He watches as it turns a flaming red. Moisture moves around the planet. The young woman watches as the droplets gather. She spins within a lavender circle. Red flashes of light cascade to the left of Chad. A few birds’ wings can be seen.

The droplet of water crashes into a cloud and swirls inside it. Droplets trickle out of a large bubble. She spins within the circle of water.

On the expressway, she listen to the radio, watching the toy ballerina turn in circles on the dashboard. Rain pours down as drivers move at a crawl. She rolls the window down and looks at the sky. Chad notices her from her another lane. The birds, forming a circle.

Rating: 2/5

The thunderstorm, which caused the lights to go out in several cities, began as a weather front within the sky. It traveled through several clouds before falling onto into one county. Science connects everyone through the weather to the genes in the human body. It is part of everyday life.

While the video attempts to educate, it’s assumed there has been a lesson given and everyone has read the necessary chapters. Some in-depth knowledge is needed to really appreciate it.

Director: Elliott Sellers Year: 2016

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