A painting of three, large creatures hang on a bedroom wall. Some manga figurines are displayed on a table. Chet slides across the room. He glances at his guitars. At some point, he rises into the air and then falls into his king-sized bed.

A ball of paper sails through the air. Chet has fallen asleep on his bed, made up of the paper and wakes up. He stands on the paper bed while the band plays on the sandy ground.

Behind a waterfall, Mike raps. Chet sits up on his bed.

Chet stands up on his bed as the band performs behind him. A sculpture is erected a few feet away.

Monks sit stadium-style on each side of Mike, watching him. A fire starts to burn the waterfall.

A fire breaks out on the ground, where the band is performing. In Chet’s bedroom, the sides of the bed erupt in flames. The creatures from the painting walk across the ground.

Chet, sprawled out on his bed, is asleep. Smoke emits from the bed.

Rating: 3/5

Symbolism is put to great use, outlining Chet’s views on religion and his dream of being an artist. Chet doesn’t know many people who love manga. In his room, he draws statuesque creatures, who really don’t pose any danger. When he stares the drawing, he thinks of maybe starting a graphic novel for it. Sculpture has interested him for a long time. The way the material winds and twists, symbolizing an idea fascinates him. He often passes by office buildings, staring at their metal sculptures, wondering what the company is trying to portray.

He also wants to find some peace or maybe believe in a God again. Buddhism seems to fall in line with his own his general principles. Christianity has disappointed him. However, most of his friends still attend church, even though they may be wavering.

Thank you to Ayla Brewster for the correction.

Director: Joe Hahn Year: 2003




  1. You messed up on where it says Chet steps off of the paper, but while Mike is rapping he gets up from the paper and stands on his paper bed. In the video he did not get up he was still asleep on the paper. He gets up while Mike starts rapping.

    Ps, will you make the review say that after Chet closes his eyes on his large bed we zoom into his mind?

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    • I did go back and edit it. However, I didn’t add that we zoomed into his mind. For me, the video was about symbolism. Different points of view are welcome and can be discussed. Sometimes edits do change my opinion of the review and it’s changed to reflect it. In this case, I’m going to leave it open for discussion. It’s a video that can be interpreted a number of ways. Please don’t let it stop you from commenting. I appreciate the corrections and hearing your opinion.


  2. After Chet falls down on his king sized bed in the video, he closes his eyes and we go into his mind. The ball of paper is the sheet from his bed. In the dream, Chet is still sleeping, but he is on his sheet now. While Mike raps, Chet gets up from his sheet on the gold floor, wondering where he is.

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