Video Review: All Saints "War Of Nerves"

A siren goes off. Shaznay stands by the fire extinguisher, a match in her mouth in the Metropolitan Hotel in London. At the Met Bar, a man passes by some of the booths. Another man cleans the floor with a mop. Nicole and Natalie dance together at the empty bar.

Shaznay drives behind a bus featuring the All Saints on the back of it.

In a hotel room, a fax comes through on the table, waking up Melanie. Bottles and napkins are on the floor. A man fixes his hair by the mirror. Melanie blows out a match and then takes a shower, putting her hands on her back, feeling the baby kick in her belly. Melanie frowns walking down the hallway. Two people hold a sunny cardboard scene and she takes a quick glance at it. She continues down the hallway, wheeling her suitcase and letting her jacket fall to her hips.

Natalie stands by the elevator and unzips some of her jacket. She stops when a group of guys walk by her. Nicole and Natalie dance in the club, sweating. They swirl their Bloody Marys and knock the reserved signs off the table.

The garage door goes down. Nicole and Natalie glower at one another. They start pointing and slapping each other. Natalie holds Nicole in the corner.

Last night, Natalie greeted Shaznay with a huge smile on her face. Melanie stares outside the window of a bus. Natalie lies back on her bed, pushing her hair back. Nicole blows out the match. Shaznay follows the bus into the tunnel.

Rating: 0/5

A wild night leaves the members of All Saints sorrowful and temperamental at the Metropolitan Hotel in London.  Shaznay stands guard by the fire extinguisher, tempting to burn the place down. Nicole and Natalie drink all night at the bar then have a messy fight in the garage. Melanie sleeps with an anonymous man while pregnant and then leaves.

Each woman is dealing with some conflict within herself: Shaznay is tired of being responsible for Nicole and Natalie. She can’t babysit them for them all the time, watching them act up and figure out what to tell their manager the next day.

Nicole and Natalie have an otherwise close relationship. However, once alcohol gets involved, Natalie gets mean with some vodka in her. Nicole, shamed by her sister, fights back but watches what she says to her.

Melanie isn’t with the man who impregnated her. In the meantime, she sleeps with random men she meets on the road. For about an hour, she’s with somebody and the loneliness ceases. Then, it’s back to doctor’s appointments and pretending to be strong. Although she questions how she will be as a mother and if she will screw up so badly it will resent her.

It’s Melanie’s story which is fleshed out the most. It’s complex, ridden with guilt and uncertainty. Her emotionless expression clouds her anxiety inside. She isn’t going to forgive herself anytime too soon. Giving birth and the responsibility it brings has caused her to act out and she isn’t sure how to handle it.

Natalie and Nicole, though, seem to be one person — self-absorbed and feral, taking because they can. They drink all night at the hotel until the bar closes down. They steal tables and stay long after the bar is closed. Even as the staff clean up, they stay. only caring about their enjoyment. They are likely to yell back at the manager, tired from a long night, politely tells them to return to their rooms.

Shaznay aspires to be like them, She thinks of doing something obnoxious and maybe commit a crime. But then decides to follow the bus. However, she thinks of it going on her record and backs out. She is the only one who doesn’t do something questionable and her leaving is a cop-out.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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