Video Review: Calum Scott "Rhythm Inside"

Calum Scott sits on the arm of a recliner, thinking. Behind him is a decorative anchor. Further into the family room, couples are dancing.

As he heads into the family room, red and blue lights flash over him. By the barricade, he watches a streak of light occur between two people. Another future couple has met.

He passes through a streak of light, and a ghost-like young woman. He stands by the wall, observing. A streak of aqua blue light swirls around a young woman.

A second young woman waits for her boyfriend on the couch, her eyes sparkling. Her boyfriend leans, touching her face. She raises her arm to his head. A couple presses their foreheads together. The hairs on the young woman’s arm stand up.

Two men nearly touch their hands and electricity emits from their closeness. They entwine their hands and dance. Two women hug. A ghost-like woman continues to dance. He puts his arm over his stomach as he walks through the family room.

A young woman runs her hand through her boyfriend’s hair. Small flames spark from his head.

Several streaks of pale blue light appear from several ghost-like young women as they move. They walk up a winding staircae. Scott follows him.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young, ghost-like women seem to be angels, blessing people with love. At the party, they help people get together and form connections. They grant each touch with a formidble amout of power to cause breathlessness and nervous energy.

Calum Scott watches as the intimate moments occur. He views the couples falling deeper in love. Although they can’t see him, he’s there to be certain they are compatible. Nonetheless, loneliness nags him and he wishes he were fully human again. However, he has to repent for all the past loves he screwed over for his selfish desires.

Director: Howard Greenlagh Year: 2017

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