Video Review: Kimberley Locke "8th World Wonder"

In her backyard, Kimberley Locke stands on the patio behind the tiki torches.  She thinks of her favorite moments during the week.

Day 7:

She wakes up, rubbing her neck. While drinking her coffee, she reads a note. It says “Call you tomorrow.” The phone rings and she picks it up. It’s her boyfriend, asking her about her morning. They share a laugh.

Day 6:

He kisses her as they talk a walk, his arm around her shoulder. Then, she leads him to her bedroom and gently pushes him onto the bed. They kiss. At about 6:30 a.m., he gets out of bed and writes a note for her. He turns off the lamp.

Day 5:

She knocks on the door. He opens it, greeting her with a kiss. In the family room, he introduces her to his basketball buddies.

Day 4:

She sits at the dinner table, drinking wine and eating salad with her boyfriend’s sisters and parents.

Pages are ripped off a calendar.

Day 3:

They have their first date. It’s a picnic. They listen to music and lean into each other.

Day 2:

He dials her phone number. They talk for several hours and he asks her out.

Day 1:

She chats with some friends at a party. In the corner, he sees her and smiles. He walks over to her and they exchange phone numbers.

Rating: 4/5

Although the time span moves too fast, the palpable romance between Kimberley Locke and her boyfriend seems to have been a slow burn. They’ve seen each other at some mutual friends’ parties and chit chatted. They considered themselves acquaintances until one day, he walked up to her and mentioned that he’d been meaning to talk to her.

A casual friendship grew into love. He invited her over for dinner with his parents. They were really welcoming and told her that he talked about her all the time! Then, she met his close friends. They shared some embarrassing stories about him when they were kids. When his friend started openly comparing her to the last girlfriend, her boyfriend shut him up right away.

They made love and it was as though, they had known each other forever. It didn’t feel soon. She thinks they may move in together within a few months. He’s talking of getting a puppy for her. He says it would be their “first child.”

The narrative starts at the end, which gives the impression of time passing at a faster rate. It also sticks to the vignettes without much interruption. It lets the romance grow, allowing the viewer to get to know them. Her boyfriend acts but is not aggressive. She isn’t afraid to say what she wants. However, when a guy flirts with her, she does get shy.

Director: Sam Erickson Year: 2004


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