Video Review: Rae Sremmurd "By Chance"

On the beach, Slim Jxmmi swirls a leopard print umbrella. Inflatable flamingos are scattered on the sand. His friends and some women stand on the sky blue deck. Lightning cracks in the sky.

Four women dressed in white dance on the beach.

Slim Jxmmi stands, with his feet apart. Money and a pineapple are by him. He picks up the pineapple.

On the bleachers, a woman sits. Another young woman adjusts her straps.

Swa Lee unwraps a Raw board and rolls a joint on it.

On the beach, Slim Jxmmi pretends the money is a cell phone and puts it to his ear.

Swa Lee lights the joint from the flame of the candle.

Sunset orange dry ice floats in the air as Swa Lee and Slim Jxmmi dance around. Swa Lee rides his bike around.

Cool is written in the sky as Slim Jxmmi stands on the lifeguard chair. Women dance underneath him.

With the umbrella in one hand, Slim Jxmmi pretends to smoke the portable dry ice machine.

Swa Lee joins the four women dancing on the beach and then flops onto the sand.

One of their friends slap a woman’s butt. Some women rub against one another.

Swa Lee holds a puppy while the women continue to dance on the beach.

Back on the deck, one of their friends open up the pineapples, filled with champagne and lets it spill.

Swa Lee puts on his headphones and jumps into the ocean.

The women run on the sand. The birds fly away. With his umbrella, Slim Jxmmi and an old man let doves go.

By the deck, Slim Jxmmi sticks out his tongue. Money flies everywhere.

Rating: 0/5

Swa Lee and Slim Jxxmi are usually a team, having the same attitude toward their video. However, there are varying point of views by the two of them. Slim Jxmmi is in his element, holding the leopard print umbrella and hanging out with bikini-clad women. He is egged on by several friends to partake in the women who have made themselves available.

Swa Lee, on the other hand, prefers to smoke marijuana by himself and write music. He dances with the four women on the beach and goofs off with them. He seems to realize it’s only a video and not a lifestyle. He wants to focus on the music and treat the women he meets with decency.

With half of the video being a straightforward party with a rapper and his entourage, the other part mocks it, although an agreement couldn’t be reached as to what to do and both sides needed to be appeased.

Director: Max & Mike Will I Made It Year: 2016

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