Video Review: DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper & Lil Wayne "I'm The One"

A baby boy sits with a stuffed panda bear, smiling. DJ Khaled is outside, on the phone, talking to Chance The Rapper. He asks him for a favor and invites him over to his house. A young woman in a bikini rides a horse across the spacious lawn.

Another young woman, wearing a sheer black cover-up, walks past the garden. Over man-made lake, DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber stand.

Further into the garden, DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo and Lil Wayne hang out. Some women in bikinis join them.

Over the man-made lake, Bieber gives a DJ Khaled a handshake as he walks by him. He then spreads out his arms. He walks back again, his arms in the air. He jogs across the patio, dozens of women in bikinis dancing on the steps.

It’s Quavo’s turn to be in the center of the garden and patio. A third young woman exhales as she smokes. On the patio, Quavo stares at  a fourth young woman’s chest. DJ Khaled plays croquet and hits the ball. Quavo is next and gently hits the ball.

Chance The Rapper pumps his arms on the patio, two women holding onto his shoulders. Bieber says hello to a fifth young woman standing to the left.

In the garden, Quavo pretends to take a picture. On the steps of the man-made lake, DJ Khaled opens a carton of Gold Life liquor.

At the pool, a few women relax on red seashell floats. DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne dance on the patio. Behind them, are stairs leading to the beach house.

On the patio, Bieber folds her hands in prayer and bows. A sixth young woman checks the meat cooking on the grill.

Next, Lil Wayne bounces around on the patio by the pool. Women hold bottles of liquor. More bottles of liquor are lined up by the pool. Lil Wayne pretends the liquor bottle is a cell phone.

The dancing on the patio continues into the night with only DJ Khaled. Women dance by several vehicles.

DJ Khaled leads the horse and the young woman riding it.

Rating: 0/5

The maze-like garden with a fountain in the middle, a man-made lake with beige steps while further on the grounds, is a pool with an attached beach house. The tones are neutral, staying away from the garish gold. The garden is immaculate, trimmed to the perfect height. Then, the bikini-clad women jiggle their gigantic breasts in the skimpy bikinis, carrying liquor bottles and smoking, soiling the classic luster.

Nonetheless, each rapper adapts to the high-class environment in some way. DJ Khaled is the most at home, playing croquet. Then, Justin Bieber asked if he could invite some women over. The women fawn over him, having grown up on his music. Bieber is used to being around and having money.  Quavo and Chance The Rapper are careful. Their careers are only beginning. Although the women are pretty, they stay away not wanting to jeopardize what they have. They are guests of Khaled’s and can only hope to be able live like DJ Khaled. Lil Wayne doesn’t know what do with himself. It’s as though he drank every liquor already and he isn’t sure where he is supposed to be.

Director: Eif Rivera Year: 2017

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