Video Review: Ed Sheeran "Galway Girl"

While performing in a stadium, young female fans shout and cheer for Ed Sheeran, who waves a towel. He takes a photo of the crowd on his phone and waves goodbye. He puts the towel around his neck and walks down the hallway of the venue.

His driver gestures for him and he gets into the car. He heads to an Irish bar and orders a drink. The bartender winks at him, knowing who he is. Amongst the crowd of people, a young woman (Saoirse Ronan) stands on a chair and drinks.  On the napkin, the bartender writes “Welcome to Galway Ed” and hands him his drink.

He walks through the bar, searching for the young woman. He comes across two older men sitting in chairs and laughing, a sink behind him. He finds her on the sidewalk outside the bar. She offers him her hand and leads him to the dance floor. They dance for a while and then play a game of darts.

A guy confronts Sheeran exclaiming “hey!” The young woman aims her dart at him but pulls it back when the guy faces her, then throws it. They run out of the bar. She crouches behind a window, taking deep breaths.

They pass an Irish dancing group, who fawn over Sheeran. One of the dancers asks him sign her copy of Rolling Stone magazine, with him on the cover. He signs a dancer’s cast. The young woman joins in the dancing.

After she finishes, she points in the direction of where she wants to go next. She pulls him by the arm and waves to the dancers. The dancers follow them. She runs her hands along the building, jumping every so often. They stop, listening to a young man busking on the sidewalk. She puts some change in his guitar case.

While leaving, they encounter fans who want pictures. The young man directs them to a bicycle. She rides the motorcycle to a tattoo artist. She signs his cast and the tattoo artist makes imprints it on his arm. She runs her hand over the signatures.

They stop at a bridge, where she looks at the water and then return back to the bar.  They spin around and then falls. She covers her mouth, not wanting to laugh and then bends down on the floor, stealing glasses of beer from a table.

She claps as the band plays. The violinist offers her to play and she says “no, no, no.”  She orders more drink. Sheeran gets them, bumping the drinks into the guy who confronted him earlier. The guy punches him several times. The young woman’s eyes bug out.

A man slaps his cheek, trying to get him to wake up. She takes him back to her apartment and lets him sleep. Then, in the morning, he walks towards her balcony and wraps his arms around her.

Rating: 2/5

Saorise Ronan has several films waiting for release, two Academy Award nominations,  and still gets ignored in her home country in favor of Ed Sheeran. It’s as though she’s some drunk fan whom he bonded with while unwinding after the show.

Young people stop Sheeran to take pictures and gush. However, the gushing is at the expense of erasing Ronan’s accomplishments. It’s unbelievable that no one in her home country would recognize her and push her aside. The young man busking even gets some support from them both. The young man is also the only one who acknowledge Ronan in some way.

Sheeran playing himself adds to the confusion of whether Ronan is a character or herself. Given, she’s supposed to be adventurous and able to hold everyone’s attention, it diminishes her even further. She can’t hold back her presence yet she’s expected to shrink. It’s a part for an unknown actress, starting out.

Director: Jason Koening Year: 2017

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