Video Review: Joss Stone "You Had Me"

Joss Stone’s boyfriend walks into their apartment calling out her name. He takes the note off the refrigerator.

The screen reads: 13 Minutes Earlier

Stone sits by the windowsill, composing the song. She thinks of spending time at the bar, his arms around various women. He drinks with them and then tosses over the table. Two bouncers throw him out of the bar. She hangs up the note on the refrigerator and begins to pack a duffel bag. She heads for the stairs. The elevator door opens, her boyfriend rubs his eyes and walks to the apartment.

She walks down the street, glancing over her shoulder, checking to see if he is chasing after her and then takes the stairs to the subway. She waits on the platform. He enters the apartment and finds the note.

He sits down on the couch and takes off his jacket. He reads the note and rubs his hands over his face. She rides the subway, twirling her hair as the person next to her reads a magazine.

She gets off at the next stop, walking past a t-shirt shop and an electronics store along the way.  She walks across the street and makes a call on the pay phone to her best friend. She asks her best friend if she can crash at her apartment. Her best friend says she’s always welcome to stay. She walks to her best friend’s apartment, changes her clothes and hangs out on the rooftop.

Rating: 3/5

She stayed up all night, thinking what thin excuse her boyfriend would give this time for not coming home. While editing her song in the morning, she wonders what she’s doing. She decides she can stay there and write about it then have a long, drawn out conversation with her boyfriend or she can go now, cutting the red tape.

She took his behavior for too long, forgetting she’s a determined young woman who can stand her own. No one tells her no or that she can’t do something. She hopes her best friend will let her stay for a little while. Her best friend didn’t care for him and thought he was trouble. She calls her, afraid her best friend will lecture her and say “I told you so.” To her relief, her best friend says yes. She goes to her best friend’s apartment, a sheepish look on her face. However, her best friend welcomes her inside.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend sits with a glass of wine by him, stunned that she left him. It occurs to him that perhaps she knew all along he was cheating. He thought he was getting away with it. He thinks she’s going to have come back for the rest of her things. He will try to get back into her good graces again.

Director: Chris Robinson Year: 2004

You Had Me music video


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