Video Review: Future "Mask Off"

As Future drives into the city, he sees a fire blazing in the distance. He drives through neighborhood, glancing on each side, trying to figure out what happened. From the low beam of the street light, he sees a young man running down the sidewalk.

A young woman wears a mask of spikes around her mouth as the lights in the background flash turquoise.

Smoke billows from a convenience, where a second young man stands outside, watching. A boy steps in front of his car, taking off the mask from his face. Future looks into the boy’s eyes for a minute. The boy runs off.

About four men run into the convenience, black masks covering their face. Shots are fired. The men run out, parts of the register in their hands. A snake slithers near a garbage can. Future continues to drive, the young woman next to him rubbing against his shoulder.

Fires burn on in garbage cans on every corner. The S.W.A.T. prepares, aiming their guns. Red and blue lights from the top of the police car flash, signaling a warning.

Future stands by a building as a fire continues to crack and sparkle behind him.

The men loot a house. His girlfriend watches, smoking a cigarette. A man stands on top of a car, his arms folded across his chest.  She flicks it out the window. The S.W.A.T.  team shoots at the men robbing the store. One young man gets shot in the chest while crossing the street.

A woman walks down the street, scattered with wooden cartons.

Future stands on top of an advance loan building. People rush in the street, carrying things and pointing to other empty places. They cheer while others imitate slitting the throats of the police. The people press against the police, who hold their shields up. Future raps within the crowd.

The woman has moved to the front of the driver’s side, her tongue on Future’s cheek. Future slaps her butt.

Future dances with a group of people in the street.

He drives over the curb, sparks fly out of his wheel.

The young woman with the spiked mask leans against a three-way mirror. A man takes off his mask. The young woman removes the spikes over her mouth. Future takes off his glasses while fires blaze around him.

Rating: 4/5

Online and on the radio, he was told to stay out of the city. A riot had broken out. Stores and homes close by were being looted. Fires have been set in every nearby area, leading to some damage of the office buildings.

Future wants to know who in his community is endangering it. They are destroying it with every photo that gets shared on social media. He believes they are cowards for covering their faces. They want to commit the crime but not face any consequences while they steal people’s livelihoods.

The presence of the police and S.W.A.T. only escalate the situation. It leads to a shootout and the death of a young man crossing the street. He climbs on top of the advance loan building, where he used to get money, and tries to get people’s attention. He hangs out in the crowd, talking to other people and figuring out who the leader might be. He wants the violence to end and his community back.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2017

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  1. who is the female model in this video who appears to have oil, chocolate smeared over her body as she walks. She has the fattest booty i’ve seen and its incredible?

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