Video Review: Harry Styles "Sign Of The Times"

In Scotland, Harry Styles steps across the stringy brown grass. He looks out into the ocean, his hand shaking. He keeps his hand in his pockets as the cool breeze blows his hair. He stops, thinking he heard something and then continues walking.

His feet begin to lift off the ground but stops himself. He looks again at his shaking hand and then up above. He continues to walk. As he steps over a rock, he begins to fly.

He stares down at the grass, moving his legs in the air, trying to find his balance. He glides over the forest, his arms spread out like wings. He smiles as he soars above the ocean. He runs across the tips of the waves. As he approaches the center of the ocean, the waves spiral and crash in the opposite direction.

He turns over, facing the sky, his arms spread out again. He crisscrosses the golden mountains and pauses at the waterfall. He coasts over the canyon and then stops on the mountain peak. Then, he flies within the mountain and towards the clouds. The sun begins to set.

He glides between the clouds and over the tips of them.

Rating: 5/5

Harry Styles, who in the One Direction videos, usually was the one in need of entertainment while the others learned or worked on music (playing with the NASA robot, knocking over the table in the “Perfect” video). He was a rock star and wanted to enjoy every minute of it.

However, in his first solo effort, he questions the state of the world, brooding as he walks by the mountains. He wants answers as to why the world is screwed up and people vote against their best interests. He wants to know if there really is a God, heaven or hell.

He resists flying at first, scared of what he might find. But as he gets used to be being in air, he sees nature firsthand – the roughness of the mountains, the sea-foam green on the tops of the pine trees and the relentless calm of the ocean.

When he runs across the water, it’s as though he realized in his effort to learn, he had to give up his life. The water soaks his boots and it’s as though it’s the first time. He’s reborn but as an otherworldly being. Angel, ghost, devil, he doesn’t know who he is now. However, at least he can feel as though he’s in control.

Director: Woodkid Year: 2017

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3 thoughts on “Video Review: Harry Styles "Sign Of The Times"

  1. My little sister is a big fan of him, I dont know his songs or anything too much but she loves him!

  2. I love me some Harry Styles! This is a great in depth review of the music video. I can’t wait for his tour in the fall!

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