Video Review: Kelly Price, Ronald Isley & R. Kelly "Friend of Mine (Remix)"

Kelly Price’s uncle (Ronald Isley)  drives through the city in a limousine, his girlfriend sitting next to him. He answers the phone and it’s a heartbroken Price. She nods, her mascara smudged and her face wet from crying. His friends smoke cigars.

Sitting against the bathtub, she tells her uncle her best friend, whom she trusted, destroyed her life. She holds a tissue in case she begins to cry again. He listens to her, thinking her best friend was only out for herself.

She gets dressed and then begins packing her suitcase. She stops and sobs by the side of the bed. With some help, she leaves her home and gets into a taxi. She tells her uncle how she and her best friend would go out shopping.

Her uncle stops at a hotel, his friends smoking cigars as they leave through the revolving doors. He makes a reservation for her and encourages her to call her husband.

Her husband (R. Kelly), naked and in bed with her best friend, answers the phone. Her uncle confronts him on the phone. Her husband gets defensive and denies the affair. He steps and talks with him on the balcony. The best friend puts her arm on his shoulder and he shoos her away.

Price sits at the piano, composing a song, channeling her hurt into music. She takes off her ring.

Rating: 4/5

Kelly Price needs help. She has to leave her husband. However, she doesn’t trust him and believes he would clean out the bank account and lock her out, leaving her with nothing. She calls her uncle, an executive with an entourage and explains what happened.

He sets up a plan, telling her to call her husband, ensuring that she will be covered by making her intentions known. Then, he will call her husband, telling him he won’t interfere in any way and will let her be. There won’t be any harassment or freezing of accounts. The divorce will go smoothly. If not, he threatens, an alternate course of action will occur.

Ronald Isley, although he stands in a hotel lobby, has an intimidating presence. He seems to have broken some kneecaps on his way up to the corporate ladder. He does what’s right for his family. He refuses to let his god-daughter become destitute after her husband weasels his way into the family money. He wonders if it was a scam by the best friend and her husband. He thinks they are nothing but grifters. Two grifters who won’t be missed.

Price moves into new place without any trouble. She sets up her piano first. There is so much she needs to get out and say. Singing is the one thing that has helped her through.

Director: Hype Williams Year: 1998

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