Video Review: The Chainsmokers & Phoebe Ryan "All We Know"

At about 9 pm, he apologizes to his friend on the apologizes for not answering the phone earlier. His friend breaks the news to him: his best friend doesn’t have long to live. He hangs up and then leaves his house. His girlfriend tries to talk to him but he tells her to that he wants to be left alone.

He walks out the door and towards his car. His girlfriend asks him again to please talk.H He brushes her off. He then walks down the street to the party store. There, he picks out some liquor and waits in line. He pays and leaves the store, his face seen for the first time.

Numb, he drinks from the bottle and stares at the buildings as he continues to walk, He throws the empty bottle at a building and then runs. Back on the sidewalk, he tosses his phone. He jumps over a fence and throws a person’s decorative wire planter against the fence. He runs across the street and stops in a parking lot. He puts his hands over his head, crying. He sticks his thumb out, hitching a ride. A car stops and he sits in the backseat, saying nothing. They drop him off at the party store.

He walks on the shoulder of the road in the early morning and through the hiking trail. He stands on the ledge, balancing himself, his arms out.

He turns away, grinning. The entire night plays in reverse. His girlfriend waits for him. Then, once she sees him, leaps into his arms and embraces him.

Rating: 4/5

The young man can’t believe his best friend is dying. He talked to him a little a while ago and he was okay. His best friend had mentioned some tests but there wasn’t any cause for concern. However, his friend said it was cancerous and in stage four. His best friend only has two months to live, if that.

He thinks of all the times he said they would hang out and forget. He would send him a text message every so often but not talk on the phone. He didn’t feel like talking and at least on his phone, he could answer whenever.

After drinking the night away, he walks to the mountain and has an epiphany: everything will be okay. He will visit his friend and make the most of the time they have left.

The camera angle, though, represents his mind once he finds out the news. He’s discombulated, unable to focus on anything. As he gets drunk, the angle tilts with some force. After he visits the mountain, it slows down, although is mind is still foggy.

Director: Rory Kramer Year: 2016

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