Video Review: James Arthur "Can I Be Him"

The subway slows to a stop. A young woman leans against the wall, joking with her boyfriend as they wait. She walks onto the train and smiles at James Arthur.

He watches her as she sits down and after she smiles, he turns his head away.

He paces on the empty train.

Her boyfriend taps his phone and she laughs. He watches as she lights up at their stop and leaves with her boyfriend. He turns his head away again, thinking she’s settling for a guy who chooses to be on his phone over her company. He gets up from his seat and watches from the door as they dance. He puts his head down. The door shuts and he returns to his seat.

She and her boyfriend walk hand-in-hand on the way home. He cuts wood on the front lawn. She picks it up. He cooks her dinner, which they eat over candlelight. The next morning, she takes off her shirt and shorts, splashing the water, hoping to get her boyfriend in the water with her. They take hikes and then make love when they return home. She wakes him up with a shout of glee.

Later in the week, he spots another young woman, gazing at him from the corner of his eye. She grins and he smiles back.

Rating: 3/5

James Arthur believes his crush’s boyfriend is an entitled jerk based on his phone habit. It tears him up whenever he sees them on the train after work every day. They kiss and hug. Usually, he plays on his phone. It’s torture for Arthur. He wants to talk to her and tell her she deserves better than someone who ignores her.

However, she and her boyfriend have a fantastic relationship. They help each other out at home. They have candlelight dinners and dance by the fireplace. She grins from ear to ear around him and for her, she can’t imagine being with anyone else. She has made the right choice. Although Arthur believes she belongs with him, she would have to spend a majority of the relationship convincing him that he’s good enough for her.

Arthur should talk to the woman who is interested in him. He likes the attention from her but he is still stuck on the first young woman. He thinks if he waits, then he may have a chance.

Director: Felix Urbauer Year: 2017

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