Video Review: Miranda Lambert "The House That Built Me"

The tour bus comes to a stop. Miranda Lambert gets off, carrying a photograph. She looks at her childhood home. She smiles, thinking her parents would be proud the home was kept up. She walks to the front door.

In her old bedroom, she plays the guitar.

She knocks on the door and a brunette woman answers the door, wiping her hand with a wash cloth. She introduces herself and shows the woman the photograph of her as a child, standing on the porch. The woman lets her inside.

She notices the light fixture on the ceiling and that the doors have been repainted. She runs her hand over the stairway railing, remembering how she would run down it when she was little.

She touches the chair on the dining table, thinking of her birthday parties. Her mother would bake a cake and then light the candles. She would stand off to the side, thinking of her wish.

She moves the curtain over the screen door and looks into the backyard. She remembers holding her first puppy in the air, giving it kisses and cradling it.

She leans against the doorway, thinking of when she and her brother dressed up as cowboys. She eyes the woodwork, which her father built. He measured and was up at all hours. Her mother would have to tell him to stop and rest.

They spent their Christmases in the family room. Her dad was like a little kid, opening his presents. One year, she got a guitar and from that day forward, she played every day.

She walks upstairs, touching the wallpaper. She opens her old bedroom door and hears the music she would compose on her guitar. She grins, thinking of her first lyrics. She smiles to herself, grateful to have such a wonderful childhood.

She leaves and the woman hands her the photograph she brought. She tells her thanks. She opens the door and sees a younger version of herself, waving. She takes one last look before boarding the tour bus.

Rating: 5/5

Miranda Lambert’s parents would be proud of their home. Her father’s hard work still exists in the molding while her mother would be pleased that planted a garden in the backyard. It was something she wanted to do but didn’t have time.

For Lambert, it’s bittersweet. She loved living in her childhood home. She learned how to play the guitar there and discovered her love of her animals. When they moved, she cried for weeks, protesting she didn’t want to go. But they needed to be closer to her mother’s parents.

It was an emotional wallop walking inside, though. She began remembering things she thought she forgot. She and her brother used to like dress alike. He really looked up to her and if she got a new pair of cowboy boots, their mother had to buy one for him, too.

The young woman wishes her well and Lambert hopes she enjoys the home as much as she did.

Director: Trey Fanjoy Year: 2010

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12 thoughts on “Video Review: Miranda Lambert "The House That Built Me"

  1. I’ve never read a music video review before (though I have written one analysis on Taylor Swift’s New Romantics video), but I definitely enjoyed it. I always Like Miranda Lambert’s songs because of how well they can tell a story, and I think the video does the same thing.

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