Video Review: Charlie Puth "Attention"

At an industry party, a young blonde woman in a slinky red dress mingles with an actor from the CW shaded in sapphire and onion purple light. Charlie Puth stands in the corner, avoiding her.

He sits on the end of his bed, chastising himself for letting her get under his skin yet again.

Underneath the merigold light, she smiles, charming another actor. The lights change back to the sapphire and onion purple as he looks her way. She forces a smile as the light rotates to merigold. They meet each other’s eyes underneath the sapphire light.

He walks down the stairs of the building, leaving the party. He speeds home on the Los Angeles streets and returns home. He rubs his hand over his forehead, wanting to forget he saw her.

While outside on his balcony, he envisions her in a lacy black bra and panties coated in lava red light.

He decides to work in the studio, hoping to channel some of the anger into a song. He sits at the keyboard, thinking and drinking his coffee. He paces around the studio and rests his hands on his keyboard.

She walks on his balcony wearing a trench coat over her lingerie.

In the kitchen, she screams, throwing vase after vase at the mirror. He kisses her.

He sits on the floor, watching her walk past the bathtub and then sit on his bed.

Back in the kitchen, she cries, grabbing his face, yelling at him to look at her. She continues to throw things.

She gets up from his bed and he stares at the floor.

Rating: 3/5

Charlie Puth had heard his ex-girlfriend was attending the industry party on Twitter . She had also been writing cryptic tweets, which he knew were directed at him. He explained to his agent that he wanted to skip the party and work instead. But his agent told him no, he needs the contacts and to push through it.

He spotted right her away, mingling with some actors and touching their chests with her hand. She whispered in their ears and made sure to wear her slinkiest dress with the cut outs. It was for his benefit. He opted to stay in the corner the entire night, not wanting to enter the drama she had planned for the evening.

He returns home, thinking of her. Seeing her again hit him that he isn’t over her. He goes to his studio, waiting for music to help him out.

But there is a part of him that still wants to be with her. He fantasizes her coming over to his place, wearing lingerie and sitting next to him on his bed. She would start violent arguments with him, smashing whatever she could find against the wall and then they would have sex. He doesn’t trust himself near her, although he tries to convince himself he hates her.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2017

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