Video Review: Norah Jones "Don't Know Why"

At sunset, Norah Jones walks barefoot on the wet sand, holding her flip flops. She stops, the last white glimmer of the sun shining.

Earlier in the day, she placed a stone on the sand and watched the waves roll to the shore. She pushed strands of hair away from her face while the geese walked on the sand, searching for food.

She fiddles with the strap of her flip flops as she sings against the sunset.

She walks across the wooden ledge, fencing in the rock. The geese fly over her as she watches the ocean, holding her curly brunette hair back.

Inside a lobby, she plays the piano as flowers are displayed on a screen behind her.

She walks back towards the shore, holding her flip flops.

Rating: 2/5

The beach, usually a relaxing place, gets Norah Jones anxious. She fidgets as she stands. Despite the heat, she wears jeans and tucks in her tank top. She keeps fixing her hair, self-concious of her curls.

Sitting in the lobby, wearing a blouse and playing the piano, she’s finally comfortable. However, it’s as though she’s an employee of the rental store, providing some music to the guests as they walk in, chattering and ignoring her.

The limited scope of the camera cuts off the expansive ocean and only offering a glimpse of the wild life. When she stands on the ledge while the geese fly over her, it’s as though a person could taste of the salt filtering through the air. But then the camera shuts down again, giving images of the beach in piecemeal.

Directors: Anastasia Simone & Ian Spencer Year: 2002

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