Video Review: Bruce Willis "Respect Yourself"

At Rocky’s Bar, Matt Stone and the Moon Tones finish their set. A few women return from the bathroom, crossing the stage as they walk back to their booth. The host thanks the group for playing and compliments them. Men play pool.

Over by the bar, the television is on, showing a variety show. Bruno (Bruce Willis) turns the volume up and reads a magazine. Roy, his boss turns the television off and says he’s leaving since no one is there. He asks Bruno to close the place up for him. A woman wearing a beret picks a song from the jukebox. Bruno puts his arm on the counter, putting his hand over his face.

He pounds the cash register with a hammer. He cleans up the glasses off the counter and takes a tip. As he wipes the counter with a towel, he starts to sing. He tosses the towel and begins walking around the bar, picking up dirty glasses. He sings to a brunette-haired young woman, who begins to follow him, singing along.  He grabs a broom, points it towards to a ball on the pool table and hits it. As he sweeps, he points the broom to his mouth, turning it a makeshift microphone. The customers nod their heads to his singing.

Bruno’s mouth stays open, broom in hand. Roy tells him again he’s going home.

He cleans a glass at the counter. A young woman (June Pointer) wakes up and starts to sing. She points at him, gets up from her seat, and dances past the booths. Three men in white suits provide saxophone accompaniment. She leans against the men playing pool. Bruno joins her by the pool tables. They point at one another, singing. The customers begin to perform a dance routine. Bruno begins to play the harmonica.

He notices the last customer leaving. He pats Stanley on the back, asking him to close up. He puts on his jacket and leaves work.

Rating: 2.5/5

Bruno (Bruce Willis) watches the Matt Stone and the Moon Tones perform every weekend, wishing he was up there with them. They have a small, local following. Some customers make a point to come when they perform.

Using a broom, he imagines himself singing around the bar, energizing the drunk customers and women admiring him for his charisma. In the crowd, a woman with a soaring voice would join him, giving him credibility and thinking he has talent. She would another local singer on her night off, looking for new people to perform at the lounge where she works.

Once June Pointer wakes up, though, the customers begin to pay attention rather be passive viewers to Bruno’s display. As much charisma that Bruno has, it isn’t any match against Pointer, who flounces him off the floor. When he joins in, it’s as though he’s reminding the customers that he’s still there. Bruno, even in his daydream, is clinging to the coattails of someone he considers an equal. Pointer, though, indulges him in his fantasy, but makes her presence known as the professional.

Director: N/A Year: 1987


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