Video Review: Kiiara & Felix Snow "Whippin"

The birds chirp in the neighborhood. A broken fence tilts in the front yard. Kiiara rides her bicycle in the street with several friends, wearing a black-and-white striped bodysuit with mustard yellow paper wings attached. She bites on the gold chain around her neck.

Outside a neon green painted apartment building, she sits on a royal blue ATM. Pine green dry ice blows on the first floor. Green glitter spews from her mouth. Bubbles flutter around her.

A guy on his scooter nods at her.

The stairs of the apartment building move closer to the screen.

She stands up on her bike, watching kids jump on a trampoline. Then, she sticks out her tongue while she moves her head from side to side.

The men on the other side of the building sneer. One man spins his scooter by his foot. A second man is dressed as devil.

She drives in a car filled with marijuana. She points a gun and stops to see some dogs on leashes in a park.

By the fence, she twirls the gun in her hair. A little boy rides his toy car on the sidewalk, wearing sunglasses and banging his head to the music. While driving past her, he tips his sunglasses to his nose and winks at her.

Some men lean against the wire fence.

A guy pops a wheelie which fades into a young woman doing the same. An older couple sees her and bounce their heads to the music.

She sits on top of a dog house in the back of a bike, gesturing her arms back and forth. She throws the silver purse onto someone’s lawn.

Pine green light fills in the screen against the apartment building. The light becomes metallic as she drives. She tries to catch some of the bills flying out of the ATM.


Rating: 1/5

Colin Tilley has an understanding of color and light. The colors are vivid and coordinate in unusual ways.  Kiiara’s rose pink hair offsets the creamy white convertible. The pine green dry ice complements the navy blue ATM.

However, the underlying tawdriness nullifies the work put into the color and lightning. Kiiara’s main outfit, the black-and-white striped bodysuit, has flimsy wings attached to it that seem to be applied by glue and tear if they hit her in the face. Otherwise, her clothes consists of fishnets, knockoffs of expensive watches around her wrist, and the strong stench of marijuana.

However, Kiiara is the stoner in school who calls in a bomb threat even though she barely makes it to class. She lives in the low-income area of the neighborhood, where proclaiming a love of marijuana (with a t-shirt declaring “High Fashion”) will get her laid with the guys who work at the gas station. Her dealer is the older man with the bad teeth and everyone keeps an eye out for the police, who seem to be sitting close to somebody’s house at least once a week.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2017

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