Video Review: DNCE & Nicki Minaj "Kissing Strangers"

In his bedroom, Joe Jonas tosses his jacket and puts on his headphones. He rests his head, listening to music.

Jonas rides his bike in the neighborhood, passing out flyers, advertising the band. A pink painted poodle walks by and he wonders what made the owner choose to color their dog. He stops at the party  store, where Cole Whittle is hanging out. They each go inside. The clerk checks out Whittle as he walks towards the snacks. An old couple debates which type of cookies to buy. Jonas grabs boxes of the shelves. The clerk leaps off the counter and takes Whittle by the arm, leading him to the photo booth.

The older couple hears smacking noises and turns around. Jonas grins at them, his hands full. He shakes the curtain, saying he’s got everything. Whittle walks out, helping Jonas carry the snacks. Jonas pays the clerk.

At home, Jonas and Whittle nod at people as they walk into their violet lit backyard. A man belly flops into the pool. Whittle gets kissed on the cheek by Faith and Kyrsta Alaniz.

On the floor, Jinjoo spins a bottle and it lands on McCabe Gregg. She takes his hand and runs to the bedroom. She blows a kiss to the guy guarding the door, holding a stopwatch.  Jack Lawless, shirtless, shakes his head at his cards and puts his hat on the table. The golden retriever licks his lips.

The door opens after the 7 minutes are up. Jinjoo, Gregg and the band walk down the teal lit hallway. They walk down the street, stopping at a country and western bar. There, they begin to perform.

Nicki Minaj walks through the curtain in a beige bikini. She walks past the bar and goes on stage. She takes the microphone from Jonas, drops it, pulls him towards her and brushes her nose by his.

At the bar, people form a line, cheering others on as they get a chance in the spotlight. Jonas grabs a bottle from the bar as he sings. He pours a shot and hands it out.

At the end of the night, everyone disperses. Jonas leaves on his bike. Whittle turns the corner with the Alaniz sisters.

Back at home, Jonas looks at the photo of Minaj and puts on his headphones.

Rating: 4/5

DNCE have an unbelievable day with nostalgic games, precocious animals and an outlandish gig. Joe Jonas promotes the band, riding the bike around his neighborhood, passing out flyers. He notices a poodle, painted in a hot neon pink walking on the sidewalk, the first weird thing to happen to him.

He meets Cole Whittle at the store. who is also handing out flyers. There, a clerk hits on Whittle. Once he hears something about to tip over, Jonas realizes Whittle may get them in trouble. He gives an awkward smile to an older couple and discreetly tells Whittle it’s time to go.

They return home and continue to party. Jack Lawless loses to a golden retriever while Jinjoo plays a chaste game of Spin The Bottle. The party ends as they band leaves for their gig at a country and western bar. Nicki Minaj pops in, wearing her cowboy hat and saunters to the stage. It’s last place anyone would expect to see Minaj and for her, it’s as though she visits in disguise every weekend and knows each song by heart. Although if asked, she would deny it.

Each over-the top situation successfully tops the one before it, building to Minaj’s entrance. Any cheesy video should have a card shark dog wearing sunglasses. Lawless is good-natured about it, though. The dog is absolutely adorable and sweet.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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