Video Review: No Doubt "Hella Good"

In black-and-white, the ocean glimmers. Two abandoned ships are parked by the docks. Inside one of the ships, ceramic vases are lined up on a ledge. A clock hangs up on the wall while a statue sits in the corner. A recliner lies in water.

Outside, Adrian holds up a sign stating “No Doubt.” Tom walks along the narrow hallway, water almost up to his knees. In the makeshift family room with a table, rotary phone and typewriter, Gwen turns around. Tom hits the wall. A young man wears a scuba mask while he stands in one of the corners.

Tony rides a jet ski with a young woman.

In the hallway, Gwen holds a boombox. A second young woman peeks through a circular part of the boat. Gwen touches her butt, which is blurred out. Gwen aims the flashlight towards the camera.

Gwen rides the jet ski with the second young woman. Adrian swims in the water.

The band plays in the largest part of the ship.

Three people wear masks over their faces as they tread water outside the ship. Wearing sunglasses, Gwen treads water. A second young man is tied to the ship. A third young man holds a huge plastic fish.

Gwen sits on a jet ski. Netting decorates the area. A couple makes out on a hammock. A fourth young man plays a video game. Gwen sprawls out on a circle made of rope.

Gwen dances on a dingy while Tony rides the jet ski around her. A second couple have sex underneath plastic. A couple makes out in the shower. A third young woman holds a crab, snapping its claws as it gasps for air.

The band ride their jet skis.

Rating: 5/5

Displaced and shunned, No Doubt found two deserted ships and decide to squat there. Together, they scoured the water and trash cans for things they needed to live. They consider it their home and labeled it as their own.

Dangerous and rogue, they do what they have to do to survive. Three known burglars hide out with them, run out of city due to hitting numerous banks. Everyone has a job. Gwen uses her feminine wiles to get them food, Tom is the muscle, Adrian is the lookout while Tony scopes out the places.

The black-and-white is subverted from its usual sophistication to emphasize the decaying ship. It outlines each part lined with mold and gunk. Water gushes from various spots on the boat. Bits of wood and metal infiltrate their showers most of the time. Inhabitable, parts break off nearly every day.

Director: Mark Romanek Year: 2002

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