Video Review: Zara Larsson "Don’t Let Me Be Yours"

Kayleigh walks to her mobile home. Outside, a group of young men are sitting on the hood of a car, talking. She puts her head down as she passes by.

Zara Larsson sings by a chain link fence by a junkyard.

Kayleigh walks to a damaged car and begins to take pieces of the engine.

Larsson sits by the car, spray painted with her last name with two other women. Piles of tires are lined behind them.

Kayleigh stands with her father and smiles. Together, they rebuild a car for her. At the next race, she walks past the track and to her car. There, she prepares and puts on her helmet.

Larsson dances by the fence as people sit and watch the race.

Kayleigh frowns once she realizes the guy in the beat up red car won. He pops open a bottle of champagne and holds up his trophy. She stands by the fence, wondering when it will be her turn.  In the garage, she sees yellowed photos hung up of her father, smiling with his trophies. She sits in on her couch, praying for a win.

Larsson dances in the parking lot, waiting for the night race to start.

Before the race, Kayleigh puts on her goggles, her face red from crying. She grips the steering wheel. She takes off and maintains a lead for several laps.

Larsson taps her collar as a red car burns behind her.

The red car bumps Kayleigh, trying to get her off the track. Her family and friends watch, hoping she will get her win.

A burning tire rolls behind Larsson.

Kayleigh swerves, her hand out the window. With her dad holding her up, she raises the trophy in the air. She hugs her dad and her friends gather around, congratulating her.

Larsson stands by the burning car.

Rating: 3.5/5

Kayleigh keeps replaying the last lap in her mind. She thinks she would’ve had time if she passed the guy in the red car. But she didn’t think he would last after he spun in circles twice. Despite the error, he won. She has seen many racers come and go. Someone at least won once. She has come close but never had her moment.

The guy in the red car, on their off days, likes to taunt her, bragging about his win to everyone. However, she thinks it’s undeserved. He will hit and bump, causing a crash if it means he wins. Almost two racers nearly lost their lives due to his reckless driving. But the town loves him.

Her family has a history of racing. Both her grandfather and father were champions. She hopes to reach their status one day. But she thinks it won’t happen for her.

In the background, Zara Larsson provides support. She’s the stylish narrator, filling in the details. However, her first outfit — a turquoise blue jacket with a turquoise and red striped shirt underneath – isn’t seen fully.  She mainly sticks to sporty black and white crop tops and jeans in bold primary colors. Her thick chain link choker is authentic and DIY, as though it were plucked from the junkyard and cut at home.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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