Video Review: PARTYNEXTDOOR & Drake "Come and See Me"

In the Hollywood Hills, a young woman (Kylie Jenner) hears her tea kettle whistling in the kitchen. She takes it off the stove and dips her tea bag into the cup. Carrying her puppy, she walks to the family room window and gazes outside. Then, she sits on the couch and dials the phone. After several rings, she receives a message: “the call can’t be completed at this time.” She closes the curtain.

At the bar, a server hands out drinks, which some people take while at the pool tables.

With chin in hand, the young woman watches the rain cascade the window and drip on the autumn leaves.

PARTYNEXTDOOR plays the piano in an empty studio.

PARTYNEXTDOOR laughs at his friend’s joke. He passes by another friend (Big Sean) and his girlfriend (Jhené Aiko). The bartender slips him his drink. He stirs his drink and puts his hand over his mouth.

The young woman flips through pictures on the phone with PARTYNEXTDOOR and plays a video she took of him rapping. She spots her Kylie blush on the bathroom counter and begins to applies some underneath her eyes. She lines her lips.

At a table, an auburn-haired grins from ear to ear as he tries to impress some women.

On the couch, a second young woman leans into him, waiting for him to talk to her. However, he is scrolling through his phone. He leaves the bar and walks in the pouring rain to his ex-girlfriend’s home. While getting ready to go out, she spots him standing outside the front window. He pulls his hood over his head. Shivering, she walks over to him and they kiss.

Rating: 4/5

The young woman tried to call him several times. First, his mailbox was full and then the number was unreachable. She thought he had cut her off. She was wondering about him and concerned. He was moody the last time they were together and not himself.

To distract herself from her worry, she made some tea and observed the traffic. Having no way of contacting him, though, hurt her and she wanted to shut the world off for a few hours.

PARTYNEXTDOOR’s best friend told him he needed to forget his girlfriend and hang out with the bar with him again. But he discovers it’s his scene anymore. He’d rather be home with his ex-girlfriend, taking care of the dog and helping with the dishes.

Kylie Jenner, though, rejects the crude habits with her family, playing an independent, well-off young woman who began her own makeup line. She sticks to the standard black dress, caring little about fashion and prefers her puppy to be as close to her as possible. She misses her ex-boyfriend and was ready to look for him when he showed up.

Director: Adrian Martinez Year: 2016

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