Video Review: Boyz II Men "End Of The Road"

In mostly black-and-white, Michael, Nathan, Wanya and Shawn walk on the shoulder of the road,wearing pale blue jeans.

In a rehearsal room, they sit backwards in chairs, their bodies tinted in electric blue.

They busk at the subway by End Station, which is painted with graffiti.

Coated in sepia, Nathan leans against the door wall.

In a church, Wanya puts his hands across his chest.

In an alley, Wanya raises his arms up as a fire burns in a trash can. A Boomerang sign hangs on the wall.

In black-and-white, a young man hands his girlfriend a rose. She keeps her arms folded across her chest, saying nothing.

Standing on the rooftop of an apartment building, Boyz II Men continue to sing against the clear, blue sky.

The young man puts his hand on her arm and she walks away. He tosses the rose in the trash can.

Wearing flannel shirts, Boyz II Men sing in a garden.

His girlfriend takes off the ring he gave her, hands it to him and walks away.

Wearing their coats (each in a different primary color), the group sings by the marina.

On the beach, sitting on a rock with his cane, Michael says his spoken part.

In a darkened family room, he sits on a couch. The television set shows the group walking in slow motion on the ledge of the apartment building.

Michael walks on sand, barefoot. Shawn sings off to the side, his pink dress shirt blowing in the wind.

The group sings by the subway, putting their arms out.

Rating: 2/5

Boomerang is mentioned in passing, with only a sign which is seen in full only once. It’s as though the movie doesn’t exist. The sign could be advertising a toy company with its plain font who has a low reach in the area.

The color blue is given importance. The different shades are highlighted and tinted within the settings. Sometimes it’s meaning is obvious (the group walking down the road, upset). Mostly, though, it’s puzzling and seems to be used for stylized purposes only (the rehearsal room and on the rooftop).

The young couple in black-and-white are extraneous. The young man is trying hard to apologize and the woman rejects him outright. Without knowing the cause of her harsh response, there isn’t any reason to support the couple to get back together. It’s wastes the opportunity to incorporate the romance from the movie into the video.

Director: Lionel C. Martin Year: 1993

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