Video Review: R5 "Dark Side"

Ross sits on the middle seat of the plane and gets his headphones out of his bag as a bell tolls. A frantic male voice tells everyone to get back to their seat and wear their seatbelt. Someone reads a handwritten note, saying “hello.”

Ross plays guitar on stage.

At the airport, Rydel covers her ears. Someone hands over their ticket and rolls their luggage. Someone fills up the compartment in the plane and stares at their phone. Rocky sleeps on the plane. Someone points to a row of luggage while another person bends down to pet a dog.

A young woman holds her cell phone and takes a picture. The band signs autographs. Rocky slaps people’s hands as he walks by the barricade. Someone is guided by an assistant through the venue and to the tour buses. Ross stands up, telling them to stop. A male fan waves. Young women press their bodies to the bus, telling them how much they love them. Fans wave from their cars.

At the hotel, someone gets the key card and inserts it into the door. Rocky enters the elevator. Someone checks their phone. The elevator door opens. More key cards are inserted. Someone enters their room and opens the curtain. Someone waves below.

Someone sets down a glittery purse in the bathroom. Rocky shakes his head to music. Someone wipes their face with a towel. Ross covers his private parts with a towel. Someone ties their shoes.

Fans lean into the bus’ windows, talking and waving. Ross smiles. A crowd of people gather for a show. Someone gives two thumbs up. They walk down steps. Ross flies in a plane. Someone jumps from a plane. Someone rides a bike and then fixes it.

Rydel pulls someone to the pier to watch the ocean.

Someone drinks hot chocolate while another band member eats at a restaurant.

Backstage, Ross dances. The band huddles before the show.

Ross gestures with his fingers for “more.”

Rating: 1/5

The GoPro limits the point of view. The camera often points down, capturing people’s feet as they walk or the screen on their cell phone. People’s hands only seen. None of it provides context as to who or where they are.

The band’s activities are kept vague. It seems as though they are hiding something. Was Rydel dating someone while on tour? Why exactly was Ross naked as he walked through the room? Who wrote the “hello” note and why was it featured?

However, it’s important to the band that they are well-loved. Women plaster themselves to the bus, trying to talk to them. Ross, though, seems both bothered and delighted at the young woman who puts her hand through the tour bus window. They can’t be left alone and sign countless autographs. Security leads them to safety. Fan acknowledgement is necessary but it’s as though they are building themselves up as a famous band who has broken Billboard records and turning down offers to appear on multiple talk shows.

Director: R5 Year: 2016

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