Video Review: Jill Scott "Gettin’ In The Way"

A young man, in the shower, calls for Jill Scott to answer the phone. She answers and the person hangs up. She dials *69 and says hello. A young woman leans back on her couch and responds with hello. She pulls the phone away from her face, exasperated at the voice. She knows the young woman. The young woman lives a block away and finds reasons to walk past her house.

Scott informs her to stop calling and that her boyfriend isn’t going to leave her. The young woman rolls her eyes and hangs up on Scott mid-sentence. Scott can’t believe the young woman’s nerve.

Scott walks out of her home, crosses the street. A group of men follow her and then some school children. An older man points to the crowd, stopping the game with his friends. A teenage girl jaw drops when she sees Scott.

Scott walks to young woman’s door. The young woman’s child answers, bobbing her head. The young woman comes to the door and Scott reams her. The young folds her arms across her chest and downplays Scott’s confrontation. The people gathered take Scott’s side.

Scott removes her earrings. The young woman puts out her hand in front of Scott’s face and then chuckles at her accusations. A little boy places his chair in the driveway to watch the drama unfold. The men at the table place bets on Scott.

The young woman turns back inside. Scott takes off her weave and throws it to the crowd. The young woman closes the door and Scott leaves. The little boy claps. On her way home, a little girl gives her a high-five.

Rating: 3.5/5

Jill Scott shuts down a young woman who is out to ruin her relationship with her boyfriend. The young woman, who is in her late teens, sees her boyfriend as a meal ticket, from Scott’s perceptive. Her boyfriend got on the young woman’s radar as she was walking in the neighborhood with her child one day. Her child was saying hello and asking his name. He stopped for a few minutes and entertained the little girl with some jokes.

Then, Scott’s friends in the neighborhood began asking her if there was any trouble between her and her boyfriend. She thought they might have heard them argue in the backyard. But her friends told her detailed rumors about her hanging out with another man. Scott squashed the rumors right away.

After the walks stopped working, the young woman began calling her home, trying to talk to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend would say hello and then cut the call short. But when Scott answered, she would hang up.

Scott had to stand up for herself to the young woman’s harassment. The young woman is manipulative, only looking out for herself and willing to sabotage a person’s relationship for her own gain. The young woman had to be taken down and know she can’t bully other people.

Director: Jessy Terrero Year: 2000


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