Video Review: Katy Perry & Migos "Bon Appétit"

In a refrigerator, Katy Perry sleeps, covered in plastic. The chefs sharpen their knives. One chef cuts the plastic while nearly half a dozen hands remove the plastic over her. They lift her up and then drop her in flour.

The chefs step into the flour and massage her skin. They knead her body, stretching out her limbs. Carried out on a cutting board, various chefs toss vegetables and seasoning onto her chest and crotch area. She takes a slice of red pepper from her body and eats it.

The chefs slide into the pot, where she boils on the stove. On the left burner, a chef pours wine into the pot. Flour and sugar are added, thickening the sauce. The chef stirs. Then, with a takes a dab of the sauce and paints her nails. Meanwhile, the other chefs baste her.

Her leg is brushed with some sauce and a chef chops her braided ponytail. With her head to the side, a chef trims her hair. She opens her mouth and her tongue is heated. The chef tastes her tongue and declares it awesome.

The servers wheel her to the dining room. She eats some berries. A table of men pull up their chairs and sit down. The men lick their lips. Perry touches her legs.

In a violet lit room, Takeoff holds money to his ear and digs into the plate. Quavo and Offset lounge in their chairs.

Perry rings the bell. Takeoff twists the eagle ornament on the table and the ropes bind the men at Perry’s table. She gets up, using the pole and then dances on the table. Migos throw money while the men are blindfolded. Two women, sitting on the chairs, pull back their heads as their blouses are ripped open. She puts her fingers to her mouth, gesturing that the food is excellent.

Rating: 5/5

Katy Perry is a piece of meat that has been in the freezer, seasoned, boiled and then served to a table of men. However, as she is about to get eaten, Migos put a stop to it and she dances on the pole.

The preparation of Perry (by the men) challenges the status quo of a woman’s sexual power. As a woman, acceptable sexual pleasure is usually confined to a single, monogamous partner. Perry moans as dozens of men rub her body and crosses her eyes in ecstasy. In the scalding water, she takes the baster and waters herself, hinting at masturbation.

The serving of Perry, though, puts her in a vulnerable position. Already perceived as easy, the table of men cannot wait to taste her. She moves her legs and turns her head, protecting herself. She rings the bell (similar to a rape whistle), signaling that she’s in trouble. Migos twist the eagle ornament and the men are bound to the chairs, unable to touch her. Then, she stands up on the table, saved, while two women are attacked.

Racial issues are also addressed. The men at the dinner table, salivating over Perry, are white men of various ages, wearing suits. They are businessmen and politicians. It’s Migos, who help Perry and refuse to participate. However, if the restaurant were raided,  it is Migos who would be arrested.

Director: Dent De Cuir Year: 2017


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8 thoughts on “Video Review: Katy Perry & Migos "Bon Appétit"

  1. Interesting perspective.

    I heard the song for the first time via this post. Ditto for the video. I liked the beat of the music, the video is well-shot and well-choreographed too. But I had to minimize the window when my 3-year-old came into the room 😛

  2. I love your reviews on music videos. They are awesome! I sometimes make video review requests. I love dogs and music.

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