Video Review: Miley Cyrus "Malibu"

Wearing a ruffled, white lace dress , Miley Cyrus stands against a rushing waterfall, her hair in ombre pigtails.

Wearing white lace sweatpants and a crocheted bikini top, she runs barefoot in the sand, glancing towards the camera. The aqua blue waves glide to the sand as the evening begins.

She stands in the desert, wearing a cropped aquamarine sweater and bikini bottom.

She sits by the shore, bits of sand all over her chest and arms.

By the tree, next to the waterfall, she sits and closes her eyes.

A heavy wind tilts the flowers sideways as she bends down in a white lace bralette and white shorts, her eyes closed. She lies down on the flowers,

She puts her sweater over her knees.

Pastel balloons in yellow, pink and blue fade into the screen as she does a jig on the sand.

She pets her dog, who cuddles with her.

On the sand, she flies the balloons with a stick and smiles.

She spins around on the grass, biting her sweater. She tugs at it.

Her face fades into the calm ocean.

She bounces on top of the mountain, twirling her dress. The mountain is seen twice from left and right.

She runs in the field, her dog following behind her.

Lying on the ground, she puts her collar to her nose and then pulls it back.

She bites her sweater again, her belly ring peeking out.

Rating: 4/5

Miley Cyrus has an introspective day on the beach. There is a child-like joy to her, as though, she’s rediscovered herself again. She had attended a relative’s 7th birthday earlier in the day and part of the decoration were pastel balloons on a stick.

Her relative kept asking her to play for hours. For several hours, she didn’t look at her phone, think about her job or which club she was going to afterwards. It made her stop and think of how innocent she once had been and maybe it was time for a change.

She asked her relative if she could have the balloons. Instead of partying that night, she decided to play and contemplate the next chapter of her life.

Director: Diane Martel Year: 2017

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