Video Review: Rick Astley "Never Gonna Give You Up"

Standing on a platform, Rick Astley dances by the microphone, rehearsing for the wedding reception a few hours before.

Underneath a street light, he dances in a trench coat by some Mediterranean blue brick arches.

On the platform, two female dancers turn around and move their arms.

Smith smiles, wearing sunglasses, by a fence and dances.

A woman in a sundress and sunglasses, shakes her body by a white brick wall.

On the pavement, his shadow claps his hands over his head.

The bartender wipes the counter of the bar, listening to Astley rehearse. He starts the placing the glasses in a row and nods his head to the beat. The bartender then flips over the counter and continues to dance.

A blonde haired man dances by the white brick wall. The bartender leaps onto the fence and then flips between the arches. The blonde haired man dances by the arches. The bartender climbs the wall of the arch.

Astley sings by the arches.

Rating: 2/5

Rick Astley, charming and good-natured, doesn’t really know how to dance. He shuffles his feet from side to side and then shakes his arms by his hips. However, he is much better by the microphone, though. He seems as though he needs something to center him and provide direction.

In the video, Astley is still green and paying his dues, performing for weddings and in dive bars while he works on his demo during the day. His manager suggested two dancers for his shows to complement his songs, believing it will help him get a permanent spot somewhere in a club.

Astley doesn’t mind. Like the bartender, he has big dreams and doesn’t intend to stay at his day job for the rest of his life. After the rehearsal, the bartender told him how good he was and they exchanged stories about auditions.

Director: N/A Year: 1987


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