Video Review: Cheat Codes & Demi Lovato "No Promises"

In a royal blue sky, a flourescent triangle spins in the air, its pieces clicking on the sides.

Demi Lovato stands with her arms at her sides while looking down at the floor inside an empty room in a run-down home. She lifts her head up and opens her eyes.

Sand blows in the desert, obscuring the trees in a beige hue.

The lavender pavement cracks. Lovato and Cheat Codes walk on the street.

Lovato stands against a wall, a blue laser crossing over face and body. Tinted in a rose pink, Trevor Dahl looks towards the sand and notices a frame of a car.

A man walks through a pale lavender lit tunnel. Eggplant colored stars gather and head towards the screen.

In the empty room, teal lines with dots linger by Lovato’s arms.

Trevor sings against the pale lavender wall.

Multiple cars lay abandoned by the city skyline. Lovato steps on the sand, the ground glowing a kelly green beneath her.

Cheat Codes and Lovato dance between two royal blue skyscrapers. A flourescent triangle spins over them. The triangle hits the screen.

In the empty room, Lovato spins a 3-D circle spins, her profile outlined. The flourescent triangle spins into the stars. Then, it hovers around the collapsed buildings. Lightning cracks in the sky. Kevin Ford holds onto to his seat, looking outside as Trevor drives into a teal circle portal.

In the empty room, Lovato brushes the teal geometric objects swirling by her.

Between the two royal blue skyscrapers, Lovato and Dahl gaze into each other’s eyes.

People walk into a violet lit bar. A woman stares through lime green window. People talk and chat at the bar. The earth is dotted with patches of fire.

By the bar, someone holds a multi-colored crystal ball made of particles. People raise their arms up to the sky, shouting. Two women flirt with Dahl. The multi-colored crystal ball gets tossed in the air as people bounce it around.

The triangle reforms again. Cheat Codes and Lovato stand in the desert.

Rating: 2/5

After a nuclear attack, radioactivity changed the Earth’s chemistry, causing geometric shapes to appear. It also created portals. which allowed people to move from place to place. Demi Lovato squats in a decrepit home. It is one of the few still livable. It reminds her of her childhood home and is on the few things motivating her to keep going.

Along the way, she met up with a group of men. Together, they search for food and some community within the places they find. Some areas are civilized while others have violent weather and sketchy half-human people, damaged by the chemicals. She and Trevor have fallen for one another but know love is now considered a luxury.

While the colors are beautiful, the pale tint suggests a disaster of some sort. However, it’s the geometric shapes that are puzzling. There isn’t any consistency to them. They are either similar to neon signs or some celestial ash that cannot be explained.  Then, it muddles the scenario: is it Earth or are they stuck in some sort of limbo?

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2017

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