Video Review: The Tuesdays "Changing The Moods"

Sitting on a crate, Hege plays the guitar with Laila sitting next to her, singing in a home. Someone paces back and forth on the floor. Laila sits by the window, watching her neighbors put out the garbage and mow the lawn.

Linda sits at the drums and tunes it. Kristin looks out the window. Laila traces the window with finger. Leaning against the wall, May plays the guitar. Kristin walks to the keyboard.

In a pile of leaves, Hege plays the guitars and looks at the sky. Laila sits frozen, by a tree, hiding from the wild horses chewing on the grass. After the horses have left, Laila tosses a stone.

The band plays between two trees as leaves fall.

Laila continues to sit at the window, the sheer black curtain covering her face.

The band walks shoulder to shoulder, laughing and talking.


Rating: 0/5

Winter will be coming soon. The air has shifted from cool to a distinct chill. The sun’s deceitful shine tricks people into thinking summer will linger a little longer.

Writing music has been challenging after a recent friend’s passing. The band took a walk, spreading the ashes of the friend by the forest, which she deemed magical. Laila, though, hasn’t been one for animals. She cowers by the tree, afraid the horses will come after her.

The aesthetics are off. A curtain covers Laila’s face and a the limb of a tree hides two members from view. It seems as though it was measured incorrectly and there wasn’t time to fix it. A band member paces back and forth for some unknown reason, cutting off the image of Laila and Hege sitting on the crate.

It’s as though the band haven’t talked in years. Laila sits on one side by the crate and Hege has her back to her. Linda and Kristin play their instruments, thinking of their next venture in their heads.

Director: Patric Ullaeus Year: 1998

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