Video Review: Shakira "She Wolf"

In bed, Shakira opens her eyes. Through the open window, she can see the full moon. As she walks towards the window, wolves howl from the forest.

Her nails begin to grow. She puts on her boots and walks inside her closet. She opens another door and discovers a portal to a blood red cave. There, she dances and bites on her fingers while wearing an asymmetrical black catsuit with a cutout by the hip.

Wearing a beige bodysuit and Balmain crystal studded sandals, she twists her leg over the other in a gold cage.

In the cave, she moves her arms in front of her face, bending backwards.

She lifts up her butt in the cage and then one leg. She climbs on top of the cage and swings.

She dances in a hole-in-the-wall club. A wolf snarls as he passes by.

She hangs by her feet, attaching her heels to the top of the cage and does the splits. Then. she pulls herself up.

She dances on the rooftop of the building, wearing a ruffled skirt, a black bra underneath a mesh shirt. She dances on the ledge, her legs spread out and forms a box with her arms. She falls from the ledge and back into her closet.

She opens the bedroom door, checking to see if her husband is sleeping. She shuts it halfway and then goes back to bed. She looks at her husband and smiles to herself as she lies down on the pillow, staring at the full moon.

Rating: 3.5/5

Four years ago, Shakira got married and it was the happiest day of her life. But about a year ago, she began to get nostalgic as she passed by bars and saw two people talking over drinks. Her married friends would comment how they were grateful they had found someone and didn’t have to do that anymore. She would nod and look again, wishing she could excuse herself and step inside.

Her husband is still somewhat obsessed with video games. She knew it and would often join in with him for a game or two. Now, though, it’s become a habit of playing after dinner. He talks back to the car and demon or whatever he’s chasing, telling her what button to press and she taps it, waiting for it to be over.

They hardly have sex anymore. She wanted kids then but now, she’s glad. It will make things easier. She’s a young, sexual woman in her prime.

Director: Jake Nava Year: 2009


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6 thoughts on “Video Review: Shakira "She Wolf"

  1. I’ve never really followed Shakira. I’ve heard a few of her songs but honestly the only one I can remember right this minute is “my hips don’t lie” I guess her music doesn’t really speak to me on a personal level.

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