Video Review: Charli XCX "Break The Rules"

The school bell rings at the Catholic high school. People run out the doors, holding their books and putting on their sunglasses. Charli XCX, standing in the center, walks with her group of friends. After passing the bleachers, they walk on the track.

Charli XCX dances on top of a school bus, with the word Sucker spray painted over it.

The bus driver opens the door for them. He listens to his headphones while they stand in the aisles and sit up on the seats. He glances over but says nothing. They tear up paper and throw it at each other. They dance and lean out the windows, waving their books in the air. She gives the peace sign as notebook flies past.

The bus driver leaves them off at, a lingerie store. The fortysomething male clerk checks them out as she and her friends walk inside. They dance around the store, trying on masks and putting clothes against their body.

Charli XCX tries out different clothes. Her friends stick out her tongue at her after about the fifth time. They cover their eyes at one point and approve the outfit.

At the dance, they arrive together. The chaperone (Rose McGowan) slaps her hand with the ruler and eyes Charli XCX. Charli XCX says hello to some of other people as she walks to the stage and pulls down the microphone.

Charli XCX sings on the dance floor. The chaperone shakes her head and leaves in a huff.

She and her friends pose for photos. They stick out their tongues and give the peace sign.

The chaperone pours pink liquid over the group overhead. The group laughs and continues to dance.

Rating: 4/5

Charli XCX and her friends are considered the bad girls at their Catholic high school. They crop their tops and hem their skirts to their thighs. Charli XCX is the ringleader, finding them marijuana and alcohol without paying a dollar.

Charli XCX flirts with the bus driver, playing on his lust for teenage girls and gets him to take them to the lingerie store. There, she tries on outfits, deciding which one to wear to the dance.

However, they find dresses at the mall like their classmates. At the dance, they are targeted by a conservative mother who views the group with contempt. Charli XCX suspects the mother hates them for introducing her daughter to marijuana. She thinks she slept with the mother’s son earlier in the year. The chaperone wants revenge and throws pink liquid over them, intending to humiliate the group. But they begin to laugh.

Charli XCX and her friends, regardless of the high school, would be outcasts. Charli XCX would be shamed for sleeping around and only acknowledged by the popular people when they want weed. However, they are mostly talk. At the store, they don’t try to steal or even bring some alcohol to the dance. For the most part, they don’t want to get expelled or arrested. Although they would embellish their stories about how they escaped the police. They still aspire to graduate but prefer to act above it all.

Director: Marc Klasfeld Year: 2014

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