Video Review: Kungs & RITUAL "You Remain"

In black-and-white, Kungs rolls his luggage to the car. Before the show, a crew member attaches a cord to an amplifier. He watches as the crew set up the stage. At the airport, he takes a picture with a fan. During his pre-show ritual, he juggles outside the venue and then walks on stage. Some crew members move a curtain to watch.

On the morning off, he climbs up some steps and then has dinner with his support team. They clink wine glasses, celebrating a successful tour so far. He stays in a hotel with a view of the palm tree and whispers something to his friend. He writes notes on a pad after consuming a lot of wine, in his hotel room. He and another friend take a walk.

Dry ice surrounds as he performs on stage and he puts on his headphones. He turns to face the camera and snaps his fingers. The screen changes to color.

At the concert, he raises his arms up, trying to get the crowd to dance along. The lights change from a sunburned orange to royal blue. He drives to another venue. Then, leaps onto the hotel’s plush couch. Fans wave their arms in the air. Confetti falls from the ceiling and orange smoke emits from several spots. He claps his hands. A background singer circles his platform as golden fireworks pop into the night sky. A crew member films him as he jumps off part of the stage.

At the airport, he shakes an older man’s hand, who is waiting for him and stands with a card with Kungs’ name on it. He makes a funny face at the camera. He smiles, waiting to be checked in at the airport, his neck pillow around his neck. A young woman talks to him and his band. He lies down on the conveyor belt at the airport, giving the peace sign. He grins as takes a helicopter ride.

Fans pump their arms as the fireworks go off. In the hotel room, he mimes playing the saxophone with a friend. He takes pictures with more fans. On the computer, he goes over the last song he wrote. On stage, he takes a bow and blows a kiss to his fans.

Rating: 4/5

The black-and-white and color seem to represent Kung’s conflicting views on fame. In color, Kungs is in the prime of his life. His music career has finally garnered him millions of fans. He’s traveling from country to country now. He lives in hotels and airports now. His entire life has changed and it’s the greatest feeling. He has accomplished so much in such a short time that he can’t believe it.

In black-and-white, however, he is studious and low-key, surveying the crew members as they work. He comments if he sees anything he doesn’t like or unsafe. He dines with his managers and crew. There’s shop talk at dinner and somehow it seems to never end. He can’t stop being Kungs. He dances in the backseat of the car.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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