Video Review: New Edition "Can You Stand the Rain"

A person opens the California Sunset and reads the headline: “New Edition Have They Lost It.”

Johnny walks in the center, greeting Ralph and Ricky.

In a room, the band sits on chairs, singing the song. The band sits on the patio while dining at the restaurant. Standing on the train tracks, Ralph sings. Ricky picks up a pebble while Mike stands, holding a cane.

The cars pass by at the restaurant. The band huddles over one corner of the patio. Ricky gets out of the car and show the band the newspaper. They share the article, scoffing at the headline.

Ralph stands by an electric blue waterfall and neon sign by a store, his hand in his pockets. In the family room, Ralph reads his book and looks up from the pages when a young woman touches his neck.

During a meeting, Mike stands up and puts his arms on the table, demanding an answer. Ricky turns his head from the television and watches the young woman walk towards to him, crying. A tear falls on her shoe.

It’s pouring rain outside. Mike’s girlfriend gives him a kiss. He puts his arm around her and they dash through rain.

Ricky crumples off the newspaper and throws it into the river.

The band walks down together down the street.

Rating: 4/5

New Edition grew up together, performing. They have become their own family. But like any family, they have argued and even stopped any communication with one another after having a falling out. New people join and there’s some tension, as the longtime members get to know them. However, they are a single unit, supporting each other.

Coverage is equal. Johnny and Ralph, despite being soloists, share the time with the band. Johnny isn’t given a love interest at all. Ron and Mike are added or given a girlfriend.  No one is left out or considered minor.

The newspaper’s headline stings. Mike laughs and isn’t bothered by it. However, Ralph and Ricky take the criticism to heart. They have had their success and shouldn’t be written off due to lineup changes. They are still New Edition.

Director: N/A Year: 1988


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