Video Review: Hey Violet "Break My Heart"

On the bleachers, Rena looks down, her ex-boyfriend telling her he wants to break up. She fiddles with her ring and cries.

Against a darkened background. she touches a neon cherry red pole and finds a baseball bat.

In the girl’s locker room, lit in a pale blue, she sits on the bench, her hand on her chin as the cheerleaders next to her talk.

Dry ice underneath her feet, she walks with the baseball bat on her shoulder to a  strawberry piñata hanging on the ceiling.

The band performs in the corner of the hallway. She circles the piñata Then, in the hallway, she slides down the wall to the floor, singing. She hits the pinata several times.

She stands, wearing a cherry red track suit and hits her hand against the locker. Her ex-boyfriend, lit in a sapphire blue, sits underneath a shower, water dripping onto his body.

She stands against the fence, her back turned, wearing a red jacket with Break My Heart written in white.

By some neon poles, a young man pops a wheelie on his motorcycle back and forth. Another young man joins him, following a few feet behind. The band performs by a steel arch. Rena jumps around, wearing a white fur coat. The cheerleaders perform their routine.

The background lightens to a charcoal gray as golden glitter flies as she remains expressionless.

Rating: 1/5

Within the high school hierarchy, Rena is a wannabe. She takes notes of where the popular girls shop and tries to talk with the cheerleaders. She even dated a jock for a while.

She did what she felt was necessary. She dropped her old group of friends once she started dating the jock. She figured her new, popular friends would disapprove. She attended every football game and practice. She started learning the cheerleading routines, thinking she would be a shoo-in next year. But after a month, he dumped her anyway and the popular people she had befriended had distanced themselves from her.

After sitting alone in the cafeteria, two people (who she knew played in a band) asked her to sit with them. They had heard her solos during a choir concert and wanted to know if she wanted to audition to be a lead singer. She joined and now embraces being an outcast.


Directors: Jesse Heath & Darren Craig Year: 2017

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