Video Review: Starship "We Built This City"

In a rural area of the United States, birds fly in the sky as people live their quiet lives. Mickey, his hands in pockets, is superimposed on the image of the neighborhood. Mickey fades and Grace appears in the right of the screen. To the right, Donny plays the drums. Craig and Pete play their instruments. They disappear and Mickey fades back in, pointing to the screen.

As Mickey shakes his arms, desolate people are imposed next to him until they fill screen. People turn their heads, looking at the Lincoln Memorial. Mickey and the crowd of people gather at the Abraham Lincoln statue. Then, the Abraham Lincoln gets up from his seat and bellows the lyrics.

Grace is imposed to the right of the a casino in Las Vegas. She sings in the lobby of one casino. Expressionless people fade in beside her. The dice fall from Uncle Sam sign. People turn their heads and then begin to run as a monstrous single dice rolls on the street.

Mickey and Grace, to the left and right respectively, sing with a skyline of a city between them. Grace disappears and Mickey continues to sing while the camera scrolls across the skyline. People fade in, running, Grace fades in, her eyes bugged out. The camera scrolls to a rural area.

A dazed group of people watch as the band perform on the rooftop. Some snap their fingers and sing along. Meanwhile, others have climbed on top of the roof and stand to the side.

Rating: 0/5

Music, played all across America, has taken over. It has zombified the masses. People walk down the street, attuned to sound and train their heads to look towards it. The noise has made them numb and susceptible to manipulation. Starship is the leader of the movement.

Meanwhile, the horrors begin to occur. Historical statues talk, spewing ideology. Fallen objects become disaster as they become larger, threatening to kill the population. The apocalypse is upon the United States.

Starship, misguided in their belief of music as religion, have become extremists. They believe they are saving the city when in fact, they are destroying it. With every note, another institution is destabilized.

Director: N/A Year: 1985


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