Video Review: Hailee Steinfeld "Most Girls"

Against a citrus orange background, a young man tells Hailee Steinfeld that he’s pleased they were able to spend some time together. He tells her that she’s not like the other girls. She turns her head away, blushing. He places his finger on his chin. She says she has to leave.

In her bedroom, she takes off her heels and takes off her dress.

Against a black background, she sits on the floor, wearing jeans and a plain t-shirt.

At the boxing gym, she passes by a marquee sign that reads “most girls are unstoppable.” Her trainer puts her armbands on her wrist, which say mission on them. She punches the speed bag, her trainer standing nearby, watching her technique.

Sitting in a limousine, she twirls her blonde hair while wearing a low-cut silver dress.

Back at the gym, she works out with ropes and continues to punch the speed bag.

Leaning on the furry pillow, she reads a book. Dressed in a long-sleeved sequined top, denim knee-high socks and glasses, she takes notes in her textbook. She flips her pencil, thinking.

At the art studio, she twirls her lavender ponytail. She takes a pencil and begins to sketch at the desk. Behind her are paintings, which are still getting tweaked. A young, blonde woman, dressed in all black and tattoos over her right arm, sits on the floor, painting. She shakes the spray can and looks through a magazine.

Women wearing t-shirts saying unstoppable, committed and fierce are seen. Against the black background, Steinfeld stands in the center, her t-shirt saying relentless.

The screen tilts showing the four different women again.

In the art studio, she and two other women work on a poster, which says “Boy Bye.” The screen tilts again.

Against the black background, each young woman wearing a t-shirt has her moment to put her hands on her hips or push up her glasses. She laughs as the young women sing along. The young woman wearing the feisty t-shirt flexes her muscle. The young woman wearing the gritty t-shirt punches the screen.

The screen tilts again. Several television screens feature the different versions of Steinfeld, which the young man watches.

Rating: 5/5

The young women represented are atypical. They have been written off as being too smart, flaky, weak and dumb. They have been mocked, dismissed and given condescending reasons as to why they can’t do something. They are the outcasts.

Hailee Steinfeld strips away the stereotypes and gives them the respect they haven’t received. As a boxer, she trains hard, her trainer guiding her. The fashionista is sober and by herself. The studious young man focuses on her works but is interested in trends. Meanwhile, the artist wears casual clothing and collaborates with several young women, putting her ego aside.

Each young woman is wearing a t-shirt with an adjective which is considered uncouth. Powerful, fierce and committed, from a sexist point of view, translates to intimidating. Society prefers to hold the strong, intelligent women back. Steinfeld stands up for them.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2017

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