Video Review: Cobra Starship & Mac Miller "Middle Finger"

A young woman sits on the steps of her porch, watching Mac Miller rap on her tablet. Gabe and Nate carry cardboard boxes, marked old clothes in the neighborhood. A young man runs through them. They turn around, exclaiming “watch it!”

Gabe and Nate leave the cardboard boxes where a homeless man is sitting. A stray puppy wishes for a home.

At the convenience store, Gabe gets a bottle of water. He dials a phone number on a pay phone. He opens the freezer, getting two cans of Red Bull. He gets a plastic bag of change out of his pocket. The clerk tells him he’s missing three cents. He says he doesn’t have anymore change and takes the money out of the Take-A-Penny cup. The clerk tells him to leave. The homeless man throws out the clothes.

Victoria gets out the taxi. A young woman, with a pencil in her teeth, and carrying a painting, waits for the taxi. Victoria offers help and takes the young woman’s supplies. She drops them as she watches a handsome guy walk by. The young woman’s painting breaks in half. The young woman gives her the finger. The taxi driver yells at the women. She slams the door on him as he drives off.

Nate and Gabe walk in the neighborhood. Stopping at the basketball court, Gabe puts his foot on the ball. Nate throws the basketball but overestimates the shot, causing it to go over the fence. The boys run to the fence, watching the ball. They give them the finger as Nate and Gabe leave. Gabe exclaims “what?”

On an apartment building, Miller’s image is transparent. Alex notices an older lady crossing the street with her walker. Alex puts her hand on her back, helping her to the curb. Gabe honks the horn, telling him to get in the car. Alex leaves the older lady stuck at the curb and jumps into the backseat of the car. A truck drives by, soaking her with water.

The homeless man stops warming his hands in the garbage, the fire fueled by the clothes he received from Gabe, and  gives the band the finger as they drive by. Gabe turns the corner and the boys catch the basketball in the street. They run as they see Gabe speeding and drop the ball. Gabe drives over it. Victoria sits up in the backseat.

Rating: 0/5

No good deed is appreciated or done with a full heart. The homeless man is picky at the clothes he was given. Victoria thinks of herself as a handsome boy passes by, destroying a young woman’s months of hard work. Alex helps an older woman across the street but leaves her once his friends arrive. Nate refuses to take responsibility for throwing the boys’ basketball over the fence.

Customer service is horrible. The clerk is openly annoyed at Gabe’s bag of change and chases him out of the store over three cents. The taxi driver is inconsiderate of the young woman’s property. They treat their customers with contempt

The cynicism in the acts of kindness theorizes that people do them as a way to look good. However, they don’t mean them. They only want the free coffee and not pay it forward. It assumes the worst in people. While people cheat and game the system, kindness inherently wins regardless. A concept the video doesn’t seem to get.

Director: Luga Podesta Year: 2012

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