Video Review: Lana Del Rey & The Weeknd "Lust For Life"

Specks of white dot the black area. Turquoise and hazel light, hurtling and spiraling in the darkness. Spiny strands cover the light in Lana Del Rey’s eye.

Circa 1960, she is standing against a white background on a white platform performing on a live television show. Wearing an apple red dress and apple red ribbon headband and lacy white gloves, she moves her arms to the music. Two background dancers stand on white steps to the left and right of her. Del Rey fans herself.

She steps off the white platform, fuzz filling the television screen. She runs towards a ladder and begins to climb it. Once she reaches the top, The Weeknd reaches for her hand and helps her up. As they dance on the “H” of the Hollywood sign, The Weekend pushes some hair away from her shoulder and whispers in ear.

Underneath the midnight sky, Del Rey and The Weeknd view the Los Angeles skyline. He takes the ribbon from her hair. It flies into the sky, forming into a kite in the shape of a boat. She runs across the letters, the Weeknd walking behind her. She stops at the edge of the “D” and steps back. He puts his arms around her as she swings her foot. She walks towards the edge, holding his hand and then gazes back at him.

She slides down into a field of a flowers, the Weeknd beside her. The camera pans away, showing the continent and then the planet.

Rating: 5/5

Lana Del Rey’s obituary read that she was a beloved rising star who will be missed by her family and peers in the industry. In her short time, she had won several major awards and people were clamoring to work with her. Her movie star boyfriend, though, was devastated at the news. He told the press that finding her in the bed, lifeless and eyes open, would haunt him forever.

However, she had a secret sadness as she dreamt of her love for another man, The Weeknd. It was forbidden love. Her parents frowned upon interracial relationship and pulled them apart. Every love song she every wrote was about him. She prayed he would hear her voice or see her on television, realizing she never stopped loving him. Not knowing if he was alive or dead was gnawing at her. There was no way of searching without tipping anyone off.

With the handful of prescription pills in her hand, she thought of how they planned to visit Los Angeles together and see the Hollywood sign. It was to be a new start. She went alone and the ache didn’t ever go away. Then, gulping a glass of water, she took the pills, the image of him in her mind as she closed her eyes.

Director: Rich Lee Year: 2017


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