Video Review: Spice Girls "Viva Forever"

A 19th century bound storybook titled “Viva Forever” in gothic lettering opens. Two boys, sketched on a piece of paper, run in a field. Gradually, color is filled in the page.

They pause at an oversized plastic egg case. It opens on its own and the boys flinch. The toy chicken springs, bouncing on the field and through the river. The boy, with the long-hair, grabs his friend’s shoulder and tells him to “come on.”

They follow the toy chicken to another oversized egg case. The toy chicken snarls at them before flying away. The oversized egg case glows and pops open. Five fairies (Mel B, Mel C, Geri, Victoria and Emma) soar into the trees, a golden trail of dust sprinkling the grass.

Terrified, one of the boys runs away. The long-haired boy shields his eyes, amazed. They fly to him. His jaw drops, anticipating an attack. Mel B flies right into his face, shocking him. The fairies hold her once she returns to them. Victoria moves his glasses to his forehead and whispers into his ear. Geri moves his lips, turning him towards her. She touches his nose and then kisses the tip of it. He grins. Mel C raises his hand and spins. Emma studies him and then stays in the center as she blows fairy dust into his face.

They fly him to an oversized Rubik’s Cube and then perform on it. Geri’s square opens up. The other boy watches by the tree and sees his friend getting put into the toy. The toy shrinks. The other boy plays with it, trying to pry it open. He sees a field full of oversized egg cases and a giant coin machine towering overhead.

A blue oversized egg case glows by him and he inserts the toy inside. He lifts up the egg case and throws it. It lands back into the coin machine, resting on the top. He walks away, thinking of his friend.

Rating: 5/5

A variation of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, two boys explore a forest scattered with toys. The long-haired boy encourages his friend to follow a toy. The toy leads them to an oversized egg case, where five fairies live.

One boy hides while the long-haired boys watches the fairies. They bestow love upon him, giving him kisses. The long-haired boy smiles, adoring the attention from the fairies. Their grotesque faces, marked from years of being made plastic, trick him into following them. Resentful of his human face and mobility, it’s Emma who decides which type of toy will suit him.

They take him to an abandoned Rubik’s Cube. Emma thought he was intelligent and curious. The last soul in the toy had passed and she believes it would be the perfect fit for him. They perform for him, distracting him from thinking as to what would eventually to happen to him.

His friend tries to open the toy but doesn’t have much success. A soft glow tells him to insert it the oversized egg case and throw it into the coin machine. The boy walks away, wondering if his friend will ever be set free or human again.

Each toy has a story. The chicken was once a gossipy girl who chatted the day away. The fairies were able to separate her from her friends, whispering in her ear and telling her how wonderful she was. To her horror, she realized they were placing her into the plastic’s mouth. No one heard her screams. Now, a soul of 40 years of age, she keeps an eye out for naive children in the forest, beckoning them to follow her.

Director: Steve Box Year: 1998

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