Video Review: Britt Nicole "Gold"

Britt Nicole stands in a courtyard, holding a dozen pastel-colored balloons. She dances between the bushes and raises the balloons to the sky.

A young woman, about 16 years old, walks to her locker. She covers her the scars on her arms with her black sleeve. She averts her eyes away from Vampire Girl scrawled on her locker. Paper bats fall to the ground as she opens her locker. A guy laughs and pretends his hands are claws. Embarassed, she looks around, wondering how many people saw. A golden light swarms by her face and then swallows her into her locker.

A young man, about 17 years old, practices turns, by the football field. A group of football players pass by, staring. One of the team members mocks his dancing by imitating it. They laugh and he shakes his head. He bends down and the golden light captures him.

Waiting in the courtyard are a group of guys, who catch him. The first young woman lands next. Everyone claps, which confuses the young man and woman.

Inside her home, she sits on a couch.

In a bathroom, a young, blonde woman, touches her chest and looks in the mirror. She enters a bathroom stall and vomits. She rinses her mouth out with her hands. Her classmate, another young woman, puts her finger to her mouth, pretending to vomit.

At night, a young woman, about 15 years old, rides her skateboard. She stops when she sees the police. The policeman tells her to go home. Scared, she can only listen. The policeman breaks her skateboard in half. Inside the gym, a young man, about 14 years old, watches the freshman basketball team play. He throws the basketball into the corner.

The golden light circles by the young woman in the mirror as her reflection urges her to trust it. She disappears into the mirror. The young woman, about 15 years old. sees the golden light in the backseat of the police car and gets sucked inside. In the corner of the gym, the 14-year-old boy watches the light and is zapped away.

In her family room, pink balloons fly in the air as a crowd of young people dance. Outside, people catch the 16 year old young woman from the mirror and the 15 year old from the police car. They tell the people to join them and introduce them to their classmates who fell through to the courtyard.

The 16 year old “Vampire Girl” smiles as she carries a balloon, walking to Nicole’s home. Nicole opens the door and hugs each person who got fell through to her courtyard. People cheer and greet them. The 15 year old skater girl holds up her now golden skateboard. The 14 year-old carries his now golden basketball.

Nicole puts a crown on the “Vampire Girl.” Against a golden background, the 17 year-old dancer puts on his crown and grins.

Rating: 1/5

Everyone’s accepted at Britt Nicole’s home but only if the young people are Caucuasian. However, if the young person is African-American, they are the instigators. Other races are invisible.

Nearly each young person featured is suffering and silencing it by harming themselves or trying to find an outlet for it. They are shamed (mostly by people of color). The skater girl’s encounter with the power-hungry cop, though, is an out of touch scenario. The young woman would most likely get a warning and driven home to her parents.

Given the lack of diversity, there’s an underlying “white lives matter” slant to each situation. At least two of the Causcausian young people are teased by African-Americans, demonizing the race. By the last situation with the police officer, it seems to be defensive as the police officer gets out of control, turning the response political. Somehow, it’s explaining away the police officer’s behavior, stating it’s an individual problem and not a cultural one.

Director: N/A Year: 2012

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